Questions Of Race In Europe


Muslims vs. Christians in Africa

Whether one wishes to admit it or not, most of the Muslims who threaten the West with violence, lethargy, and all sorts of agitation in between, are of African or Asian descent. It also appears that the mainstream parties of Europe or, should we say, the established political parties, are the culprits who are always making the issues of immigration and integration about race. Geert Wilders manages to make the political case against militant Islam without littering the linguistic landscape with the hubris of racist groups but nevertheless, he himself is called a racist by the mainstream parties. This is something folks here in America should be watching closely, as Europe continues to strain at the seams under the weight of its hapless immigration policies.

In Europe there is undeniably a racial aspect to mass migration. However, we believe few nativists of any stripe ever had a problem with well educated, well-papered Japanese who once upon a time established factories and production plants and employed lots of people. While race may not be the bone of contention, there is a race issue, and it is getting worse by the daily influx of thousands of economic refugees and asylum seekers from failed African nations, who come in leaky boats...

Europe is not Africa, the Africans have shown the Europeans they don't want them there. Now these same Africans are following the vilified colonialists to their native countries, to settle amongst them. However, its a one-way street, there is never any reciprocity.

Let's consider the BNP. The British Nationalist Party is shouted down and loathed as a racist gang of thugs. Since when is a desire to preserve your own culture racist? No one would say that about American Indians who are rediscovering their tribal languages. No one would say that about Muslims in Saudi Arabia. The same people who preach multiculturalism in the West see no obligation on the part of others to allow outsiders to flourish in their systems. If Muslims are allowed to maintain separation within the West and fight for sharia law, why aren't we allowed to fight against sharia law without being deemed racist?

The major parties generally think we are just being close-minded or that we are exaggerating the threat we face. They are the ones using the specter of racism for electoral advantage. The others who make it about race are Arabs themselves. Don't they flatter themselves right down to the Qu'ranic institition itself, as the earthly lords of all others, even other Muslims who aren't Arabic by birth and thus, not from the same theologically mandated land as Mohammed?

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