Pushing War With Iran

Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan

IT'S ONLY a matter of time before the confrontation between the world and Iran’s mullahs, with the U.S. leading the charge, sets off a catastrophic conflagration. The present stand-off is bound to change, either by the U.S. use of force to make good on its threat that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable, or by the mullahs managing to make the unacceptable an accomplished fact.

Although the main adversaries are the U.S. and Iran, much of the world has a huge stake regarding this potentially catastrophic confrontation. Israel, the Persian Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq as well as nations farther away from the region are willing and unwilling parties to this unfolding crisis. Amil Imani is located in Washington, DC, and has posted the previous two paragraphs today in the comments section of Pat Buchanan's latest essay published at HUMAN EVENTS.

The two paragraphs were originally published as part of a large, informative essay Imani—an Iranian ex-pat— posted on his own website in February, 2007.

Read it all.

But lest we forget, let's remind ourselves that before Bush invaded Iraq, we heard similar appraisals by Ahmed Chalabi and a cadre of other Iraqi ex-pats who, we now know, were only serving themselves, and no one else.

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