Prayer As A Sign Of Disobedience

Promised a calm witness at the Minneapolis-St.Paul area Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) hearing—conducted to further address the increasing of refusal-of-service penalties for cab drivers reports—the city breathes a bit easier:


Prayer As A Sign Of Disobedience...

"It was very well attended, especially by the Somali cabbies (must have been 100 of them). Also present were the NAACP, a Teamsters Union representative, Northwest Airlines, the Visitor Bureau, a couple of Imams, a number of blind people with their dogs and a whole lot of media. After about 2 1/2 hours there was a break. A couple of cabbies took the opportunity to pray, and chose an interesting location for that activity." For the past several months, the Metropolitan Airports Commission has worked with airport taxi industry representatives and with leaders from the Muslim American Society and the Somali Justice Advocacy League. The goal was to find a solution acceptable to everyone as well as being transparent to the customer seeking airport taxi service. Unfortunately, those discussions have not resulted in a workable, voluntary, consensus-based solution. As a result, the Airports Commission is proposing stricter penalties for refusal of service: a 30-day suspension of a driver's airport taxi license for the first instance, and license revocation for a second instance.

Bravo to MAC. It is important that the drivers be sent a strong signal that they must obey the regulations. Were they allowed to boycott travelers with alcohol, Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch has pointed out that this special exemption would intrude Islamic law “into a mundane commercial transaction in Minnesota” and could lead to the transport system as a whole being divided “between those Islamically observant and those not so.”

Fitzgerald appealed to his readers in October to urge MAC to impose penalties on those who insist on imposing Shar’i norms in Minnesota and to send a message that this practice is unacceptable. The barrage of e-mails and phone calls had the hoped-for effect. According to airport spokesman Patrick Hogan, “We’ve heard from Australia and England. It’s really touched a nerve among a lot of people. The backlash, frankly, has been overwhelming. People are overwhelmingly against any kind of cultural accommodation.”

Now back to the photo posted above, the Muslim practice of public prayer, and a couple of other helpful hints concerning the state of piety these invaders wish to impose upon the secular public arena.

The Islamic leadership makes much hay of its relationship to Abraham. What is rather interesting with all this show of prayer is the violation of law which incriminates these Muslims conducting prayer, not in a mosque, but in airports, and wherever they can create a spectacle (funny, I never see them praying along the sidewalks of our cities, but perhaps I am merely fortunate to have been spared the vain sight thus far). I am not speaking US law, but the law of Abraham. Abraham was ordered by God to come to Him in seclusion. The offering of Isaac was not done in front of an audience, but in solitude as all prayer should be.

Muslims supposedly heap high honor on Jesus, but Jesus gave advice that no one was to pray in public, but to seek out one's closet where one could pray in secret to the Father so that He would reward them in public.

The Islamic leadership often pouts that the West is ignorant of Islam, and while they frequently reject enlightened OT & NT verses that contradict their sacred Qu'ran as pathetic satanic corruptions of the original, if Muslims do not comprehend that prayer is a private matter, it is the fault of the Imams for being in violation of God's law. If they do know this, they are in rebellion in similarity to the Pharisees in the age of the Nazarene, those Pharisees who cared more about what publicity they could generate for themselves than in the proper approach to God, those Pharisees who piled high the burdens of the common man with their own teachings rather than those of God. But of course, Muslims don't follow the Jewish or Christian scriptures, but instead worship the laws of the warrior caste Mohammed set into motion.

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