Poland's 700 Year Bugler


Modern Poland

POLAND stands as the Eternal Watchman busking for Western Civilization with regards to the Islamic invasion. We present this excerpt from Takuan Selvo in The Brussels Journal.

"Europe has another bugler, on its eastern flank. Poland. And were the soul and brains of the Western peoples less contaminated by their own elites, this is all the discussion about Islam and all the self-defense from Islam that the West would need. Every hour, on the hour, a bugler climbs to the steeple of the Church of St. Mary in Krakow, and plays the dirge. The dirge is cut off abruptly mid-note. This commemorates a mid-13th century bugler who saved Krakow from being overrun by Muslim Tatar hordes from the Asian steppes.

Standing high in the tower of the grand church, the bugler saw a large force of Tatar invaders approaching on horseback toward the royal city, and gave the alert to close the gates. In the middle, a Tatar arrow pierced his throat.

Once a day, at noon, this dirge, cut off as though by a Mohammedan’s arrow, is transmitted by Polish radio throughout the country. The radio transmission has been going on daily since 1927, but the dirge has been heard in Krakow daily since at least 1399, with only a half-century pause in the late 18th century. This is how a European people remembers the meaning of Islam.

G.K. Chesterton, who admired Poland as the staunch eastern bulwark of the Christian West, said that the “St. Mary’s dirge” was for him the call of a besieged civilization. And so it is.

The Poles are one European people who have remembered the meaning of Islam. All the others seem to have forgotten.

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