Let's All Play Blind Man's Bluff, Shall We?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

OR PERHAPS, AN INTIMATE GAME OF PIN THE BIRTHER'S TALE ON THE DONKEY. So little miss Whoopi Goldberg is playing the race card (again, again)? Is that supposed to be teeth-rattling news? Shall we all play Blind Man's Bluff, instead? Is this the new nursery rhyme American life streaming gently across the rocks of realpolitik where only the government really knows your name?

Tentative GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump referring to Obama's penchant for playing basketball instead of working at his job is simply an empirical observation, a cold, inalienable fact, a personal distinction of the president's well-publicized behavior!

How many US Presidents have played basketball as much as Obama the Windjammer, hogged the spotlight, and then bragged about their prowess of the game. Which President in history has had to get medical attention while in office from basketball. Which President has spent more time studying his Final Four Brackets at the cost of his war plans against a nation, let's say, Libya.

Sorry but that's not racial stereotyping to point this stuff out. These are specific facts particular to Obama. Should the Donald have referred to golf instead, because the little white ball in the hole is a safe reference? Doesn't all this chatter subtly pointing to the size and color of one choice of ball references run much too close to the preposterous racist theories of Dr. Florence Cress-Welsing? The fact that Obama is black or half white is immaterial. These phony racist charges dribble in from a phony leftist ideology eaten up by the stereotypes they employ against others...

There's probably no hope for Whoopi's latest excellent adventure into political speech, but recently ascendant Juan Williams, with his uncharacteristic pile-on at Fox News, should be roundly ashamed of himself, given his recent firing at NPR. As another American Thinker wit put it ever so delightfully, "Juan Williams needs to spend some serious time in the presence of Congressman Allen West. He would be a better American for it."

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