Outreach To Whom?


THANKS TO Traeh for the following clip. As we, who are wide awake to the time-worn Islamic strategies of stealth jihad, understand, the devil is indeed in the theocratic details. Americans may not know their own history much less the history of Islamic conquest, but the patterns of aggression are certainly easier to track once the spirit of multiculturalist appeasement, a one-sided plunge into dhimmitude, is understood as the dangerous tool of Islamic Supremicism that it is.

Victor Davis Hanson recently said with regard to the GZ mosque:

Plopping down a 100-million dollar, 13-story, “Constantinople House”, say, in Cairo, near a site of radical Christian-inspired violence by self-described Christian zealots against Egyptians—funded from abroad by Christian evangelical groups—for the purpose of Christian contemplation and interfaith outreach would be of course beyond fiction.

Muslims conquered Christian Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul. Muslims conquered Cordoba and Spain and later lost them. Hanson's analogy makes brilliantly clear that Cordoba House is Islamic revanchism, under a layer of multiculturalism. We frequently hear that once a land has been conquered by Muslims, they believe it is theirs by right forever. To put an Islamic revanchist project next to the site of the WTC jihadist atrocity is an arrogantly militant thing to do.

It would be like Christian revanchists putting a "Constantinople House" near a site of Christian-inspired violence. Meanwhile, one rarely, if ever, hears Christian priests talking up the possibility of recovering Istanbul and making it Constantinople again. One not infrequently does find imams talking up the return of Al-Andalus, centered in Cordoba.

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