Our Fading Heritage


Know Thyself, America...

OKAY, I MISSED A COUPLE, but I did answer 31 of 33 questions correctly my first and only shot at the gold in this civics quiz sponsored by Our Fading Heritage. My score of 93% placed this 53-year old above the average American taking this test in November.

Wrong responses: #14 and #30. Damn, I knew what the Pilgrims were all about, and I knew they weren't Catholics. And with number thirty, I must have internalized wrong advice from Senator John McCain during the presidential debates. Oops.

What's really fascinating about this civic literacy quiz is the scorecard showing that US citizens tend to score higher than our own elected officials. Go ahead, pilgrim. Show your grit. Take the test. Embarrass your leadership if that's what it takes to get their attention. Okay, I know that's just fantasy...

But since Adrian Fenty's DC government is still stumbling around trying to sandbag the recent SCOTUS decision outlawing the District's draconian ban on handguns, rifles, and shotguns, in addition to all those other classes of weapons I know little about at this time, I think I'll present HERE the Commonwealth of Virginia's rather relaxed position on firearms among its own citizenry, and HERE is the website for the Open Carry advocacy organization. Strange stuff for a long-time DC city slicker like myself.

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