On The Paradox We Face



NARADOX BY ITS NATURE is what is un-resolvable by any reasonable means so it can mean anything to anyone without holding anyone accountable for their beliefs or actions. So a ‘moderate’ Muslim can be violent, and that’s allowed by the rules of paradox, which absolves the perpetrator of crimes (against humanity) from personal responsibility. In effect, it excuses coercive criminal activity as legitimate in the total belief system.

I don't know whether or to what extent Marx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin et al studied Islam when they developed their own toxic paradox as a semantic weapon for their ideology. For the past 150 years, Marxist Dialectical Materialism—specifically, its "Law of the Identity of Contradictions" —has similarly been used to excuse "coercive criminal activity as legitimate in the total belief system."

However, in the history of totalitarian political ideologies, Marxism has been a mere "flash in the pan" compared to the 13 century history of Islam.

The preceding was snipped from a comments page at Jihad Watch discussing the Dali Lama's recent dhimmitude with concerns to Islam being a "Religion of Peace."

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