On Muslim Immigration Failures


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"What's more, the Spanish Muslim Ibn Jubayr (1145-1217), who traversed the Mediterranean on his way to Mecca in the early 1180s, found that even Muslims preferred living in Crusader lands. He lamented that near Tyre he passed a series of farms where "the inhabitants were all Muslims, but they live in comfort with the Franj [Franks, or Crusaders]—may Allah preserve them from temptation! Their dwellings belong to them and all their property is unmolested. Now, doubt invests the heart of a great number of these men when they compare their lot to that of their brothers living in Muslim territory. Indeed, the latter suffer from the injustice of their coreligionists, while the Franj act with equity."

DOES ANYONE DOUBT THAT MUSLIMS today flock to non-Muslim lands because they are better run, they are safer, the lives of the citizens are more secure, the possibility of redress against authority greater, the access to the wonders of the modern world that are the product of a mental freedom, and an absence of inshallah-fatalism, that are the hallmarks of mind-forged-manacled Muslims, so that any Muslim in his right mind of course wishes to live in Great Britain, say, rather than in Pakistan, or in France rather than Algeria or Morocco, or in the Netherlands rather than in Morocco or Turkey (because Kemalism did not go far enough, and the remains of the pre-Kemalist Day, that is Islam, are all about, and indeed now being relentlessly revived), and so on.

But these Muslim "refugees from Islam" do not recognize that what they find and like in the West is precisely owed to the fact of the West's non-Islamic history, and quite unlike previous refugees, such as those from the Nazis who worked to warn people about the Nazis, and refugees, from Russia or Eastern Europe or China, who worked to warn people in the West, where they found refuge, about the menace of Communism, about the threat from Soviet Union and Communist China, Muslims in the West come not to warn the West about Islam, but rather bring with them the very Islam that has caused their own countries to be so unpleasant or unlivable in the first place. They do not see this. They are "slaves to Allah" or rather slaves to Islam as a Total Belief-System, and while the morally and intellectually most advanced see this, and some of them become apostates, others are afraid, or tied down by filial piety, a desire to retain, as many feel they must, "cultural" or "family" ties, and do not wish to suffer the ostracism that they fear if they do indeed break openly with Islam.

Only the very most advanced, and the bravest, dare to see Islam—its texts, its tenets, its attitudes, the very attitudes that they hear expressed openly in Muslim-only gatherings, where the hostility to Infidels is not hidden, and some of them hear this with horror, but many others hear and are prompted not to break with Islam, which often means breaking with their families, but choose to hide or disguise that anti-Infidel feeling that they know about, know all about, but decide to lie about in order to protect, out of embarrassment, out of fear that Muslims may lose their truly "protected status" in the lands of the Infidels (where so far they are allowed to essentially retain a loyalty to Islam, and therefore to the Shari'a and to a general worldview, that necessarily bespeaks permanent hostility to the Infidel nation-states, to the legal and political institutions of those nation-states, in which they now live and of which they have even been permitted, by those too ignorant to understand Islam, to obtain citizenship.

—Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch

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