Obviously Fit To be Tied

The following piece sums up the case against Islam. Of course there will be a multitude of others who refuse the obvious and choose to look the other way as danger approaches. It's always been that way. History is abundantly clear about that.


Modern Convenience

ISN'T IT PATHETIC that the only modernization Islam permits is what others invent and develop, with a strong emphasis on weaponry and bombs? They don't hesitate to use the modern conveniences invented, developed, and produced in the West, from automobiles and airplanes, to air conditioners and dishwashers until they don't. Fit to be tied.

They send their best and brightest to be educated in our universities, come to the West to receive the finest medical care, and depend on the rest of the world for virtually all of life's necessities, including food. We give them billions of dollars every year to improve their miserable wastelands but they continue to decline in every way as their religious fanaticism deepens and spreads. They buy our planes, bombs, and weapons to use against us in the jihad while living in a time warp where women are inferior, evil creatures owned by males, and little girls are raped, murdered, and promptly forgotten.

They believe they are superior beings because they believe in a sick, evil, archaic ideology they call religion and demand that the entire world submit to their Allah, or else.

There were no vehicles or tanks in Muhammad's time, no guns or bombs, but when it comes to warfare, they justify using modern technology made available by their evil enemy, the West. Why didn't allah grant them the means to create these marvelous tools of war, since they are the "best of people" and we are despicable filth? In their twisted minds, they always find ways to justify the use of kuffar technology but when it comes to joining the modern, civilized world by abandoning the archaic, asinine, repressive edicts of their prophet, Islam forbids it, such as when high-handed Muslim regimes ban Western foods, clothing, haircuts, musical instruments.

We are fools to sell them weapons, planes, computers, and we are idiots to allow them access to our schools and universities. But the most reckless, foolish, and dangerous blunder ever made by Western "leaders" was to allow these treacherous savages to invade our countries, build their temples of hate, and become citizens of our countries. The myriad of mistakes of the last thirty years vis-a-vis Islam and muslims are nothing short of suicidal.


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