None So Blind


Book of Submission

WHO WROTE THE KORAN, and why? Don't tarry, read what one ex-Muslim has to say on this most idiosyncratic theme. Some say Allah was the author. Others say it was Gabriel the archangel. Others maintain that Muhammed himself dictated it to his scribes. The more truthful answer may surprise certain readers. Don't take this infidel's word. Read what the rational apostate Abul Kasem has revealed in his own search for clarity. And while we are at it, how about some statistics to put some autumn chill in the late August air.

The CIA World Fact Book (2007) indicates that as long as the Muslim population remain a distinct minority, i.e. less than 2% in any country they inhabit, they are peace-loving and not a threat. At 2%+ they begin as if on signal to rear their ugly heads and begin to proselytize. Testing the reactions of host country, they then spew venom in their mosques against host country natives.

From 5% onward they begin to push for everything halal, demand separation in schools, institute the hijab, begin the setting up of islamic schools with the introduction of Islam in native education curriculum, demanding mosques for prayers when in actuality it is to have a mass of several thousand ready to murder the natives at the given signal, and hassle for recognition and implementation of Sharia, first on their own Muslims but in reality to convert the whole world to Sharia.

When these sex maniacs (95% of rapists in the West jails are Muslims) reach 10% of the population, lawlessness is naturally increased as a right to perceived offense resulting in threats, property damage, placard carrying, burning cars and buildings/embassies as an allah-given decree.

When Europe's Muslim parasites reach 40% natives should willingly enjoy widespread massacres, terror gangs, rapes of women, girls, and babies in the open. Maintain your silence lemmings with multi-culti political correctness. At 60% forced conversions begin. Accept the slap that will be given to you when you pay jizya and do it with a smile.

At 80% expect ethnic genocide. Then nearing 100% the West can get the peace they got suckered into by their loony leftists, whacky liberals who would by then either have their throats slit ala Theo Van Gogh who was a leftist, or would have embraced the murderous cult and metastasized into "soldiers of Islam" hunting down their own brethren and kin in a bloodbath of terror. Think that this is not possible in the West? Just recall the French Revolution and the Communist Revolution. And Nazi Germany. Fear is a powerful motivator.

Once Islamicized, then you'd start killing each other in a race to prove oneself more Islamic than your neighbor. Note the terminal Shia-Sunni divide.

To their favor, Russia and China, despite their own penchant for totalitarian control, understand full well the death knell of the cult called Islam and do not resort to this namby pamby so-called political correctness that stymies the West but identifies each threat, confronts it, and snuffs it. Along with India, these two regimes embrace the 21st century and all that is in front of them. On the other hand, the West seems to prefer to slide into suicide through self-hatred, hatred of country, culture, religion and allow themselves to be ushered back to 7th century.

Be warned. The future is clear, if the blind continue to insist on coddling this self-declared enemy.

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