No Colonial Legacy


No colonialism required...

NO COLONIAL LEGACY REQUIRED. "The notion that America managed, under Bush, to lose some kind of special place in the affections of the Muslim world, a special place that it possessed because America "had no colonial legacy"—is the kind of thing you read in the cheesiest potted summaries of the postwar period ("because, boys and girls, America had no colonial legacy...."). Does Obama think that the Muslim attacks, from without and within, on the Hindus of India has to do with some "colonial legacy"? Does he think that the attacks on Christian Filipiinos in the southern Philippines, or on Buddhists in southern Thailand, have to do with a "colonial legacy"?Does he think that Muslim aggression against non-Muslims in southern Sudan, or southern Nigeria, has to do with a "colonial legacy"? Well, only insofar as Muslims, wherever they do not yet completely dominate, but are present in sufficient numbers to attempt to work their will on non-Muslims, they will do so."

Thanks to Hugh Fitzgerald for his abiding clarity on this issue. The quote above plainly defies the gist of mistaken US policy with regards to the Islamic armies agitating along nearly every border or within across the globe. He continues:

"The business of America not having a "colonial legacy" and thus being somehow more natively attractive to Muslims, misses the point, misunderstands reality. America is not liked for the same reason that any of the European former colonial powers are not liked, or why India, for that matter, is a target of Muslim hostility and, when possible, aggression. These are Infidel lands.

"If Barack Obama or those who advise him are, just like their predecessors, unwilling or incapable of learning what is in the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira, incapable of studying, and then assimilating what the ideology of Islam inculcates, incapable of recognizing that it contains both a politics and a geopolitics, that its hold over the minds of men is far greater, far more akin to the ideologies of Communism and Nazism as a totalitarian regulation of every aspect of life, or at least would like to attain to that in its ideal, most comprehensive reception, then they are likely to make the same kind of colossal mistakes as the Bush adminstration did in Iraq, with its squandering of men, money, material, and morale."

Now that would be hope and change we can all live with, Mr. President.

Unfortunately, we are going back to the popular notion that if we just talked to the murderous, hateful, sociopathic killers, everything will turn out okay. It is a school of wishful thinking, blinded by ignorance and served with an endless supply of hubris. When will the west's liberal intelligentsia recognize that "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."?

The global jihad is quite clear on its goals and aspirations. Likewise, Hamas and Iran. Our news media continual denial of the reality of the threat of Islam is nothing more than the fairy tale villager's treatment of Chicken Little. "The sky cannot be falling!" "Go away, you are upsetting us!"

Yet the uncomfortable truth remains.

Islam offers kuffars only three choices—become a Muslim, accept dhimmitude (this is not even second class citizen status, it is the acceptance of being treated worse than slave) or death. Truly, Islam is a loaded gun pointed at the head of every infidel in the world. If the dysfunction teachings of Qur'an, Hadith and Sira don't convince you, the history of Islam should. It is nothing more that a series of slaughters; resulting in killing, looting, rape and slavery—all in the name of Mohammed.

Early in his career, Mohammed discover that preaching was not an effective method of growing his faith. In ten years of prophecy in Mecca, he barely had one hundred followers. Mohammed left Mecca for Medina and left evangelism for armed robbery, murder and the use of the sword to spread the faith. It has been so, ever since.

Only fools and poltroons think differently.

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