Neil Boortz On Islam

Neil Boortz is a self-described libertarian. He advocates a complete overhaul of the U.S. tax system and the release of all non-violent drug offenders who are currently in prison. He has supported Republican candidates and Republican tax policy, though he occasionally clashes with Republicans on social issues. Others describe his political views as being more in line with "republitarian" philosophy that embraces incrementalism domestically, and a generally interventionist foreign policy based on self-interest, national defense and the expansion of freedom. Boortz disagrees with the Libertarian Party platform on several key issues including his firm support of the war in Iraq, incremental tax reform, and his opposition to the unrestricted immigration policy advocated by the Libertarian Party.

Boortz's first foray into authorship was in 1997 with The Commencement Speech You Need To Hear, in which he delivers his opinions on various topics in the form of a commencement speech he would give to new college graduates, if ever invited to do so. His second book, entitled The Terrible Truth About Liberals, was published in 1998, and contains reprinted material from his first book, along with a significant amount of new material.

There's not a lot I can add to this Boortz clip on Islam, an oldie but a goodie, but please watch and comprehend.

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