Must See Video From Horowitz

Savoring Their Religion  of Peace

Savoring Their Religion of Peace

What Really Happened: Israel has continued to be victimized by the Arabs and the world at large, despite the best intentions of the United Nations, Great Britiain, and her own people after World War II. Check out this video, a well-produced piece by Terrorism Awareness contradicting with detailed fact the foul propaganda of Jimmy Carter and the anti-Israel lobby. Not much news here for the truly informed, but the video is a powerful testament to the absurdity of the thinly veiled quasi-Palestinian argument.

Knowing Jihad: The threat is worldwide and coming to an explosion near you. Forget the mainstream media who raged against the CIA and FBI about missed connections of dots pre-911. Well, the MSM have a more than a few dots of their own they refuse to connect.

The Islamic Mein Kampf: Sure. It's again old news, but our hapless leadership bought and sold by Saudi petro-bribes and our far Left mainstream media watchdogs refuse to recognize that these connections are real, very real, very very dangerous, and very very much at war marching in goosestep or sneaking toward your door and mine. This news needs to be taken seriously. Watch this video. It's a bit weak in terms of not presenting all the wealth pf hard evidence I saw on a History Channel program about these Nazi-Islam connections, but it's a good start for those of you, who have no knowledge on the topic whatsoever.

All three of these videos are produced for the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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