More Rage By The Religion Of Peace


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A CHURCH IN BELGIUM is on the hot seat now, thanks to a photograph snapped two years ago by a blogger, a photograph of an interesting pulpit in the Church of Our Lady in Dendermonde, Belgium, that suddenly became the center of an uproar when a group Turkish Belgians "discovered" it online, and proceeded to follow the well-worn Islamic path of instant outrage.

The Belgian press has reported that police are now guarding the church to prevent vandalism, but also placed blame for this controversy squarely on the original blogger who placed he photograph on his blog. Here's a run-down:

  • Church and pulpit built shortly after the Battle of Vienna
  • Church sits largely unnoticed for centuries, until
  • Tourist stumbles across “interesting” pulpit, takes picture of it, and posts picture to his blog
  • Picture on blog sits idly by, largely unnoticed for 2 years
  • Blogger receives hate mail for daring to post the picture, then posts and ridicules letter (once a blogger, always a…)
  • Photo and a long-winded condemnation are printed in the front page of a radical Turkish newspaper
  • Death threats ensue, leading to
  • Inanimate object protected by police, who
  • Lay the blame for all of this outrage at the foot of our poor tourist.

While it's precious to observe the Belgian government taking steps to protect this historic church, it is genuinely disgusting to see Europe so hopelessly timid of actually confronting the root of the problem—a complete and utter inability to speak out and bring the long arm of the law against the destructive tendencies of the Religion of the Perpetually Offended.

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