Why the Media Blackout On New Energy Breakthrough?

CHEAPER ELECTRICITY OUGHT TO BE a topic of interest, you might think. But because the media is pushing uneconomical "green" technologies, you probably haven't heard of the discoveries which promise to make electricity generated by natural gas cheaper.

Since 1992 the U.S. DOE has "invested" hundreds of millions of dollars into clean-burning, efficient "combined cycle" natural gas turbines made by GE and Westinghouse to power dynamos in central electricity generation stations.

GE? I saw these massive generators being built for South American installations in person at a General Electric Jacksonville, FL plant. A very clever highschool friend whom I was visiting at the time, built these awesome generators. I was impressed. Hamfisted and dreamy-eyed myself, I'd always considered Freddy Wilson a bona fide mechanical genius (after his dad), and now he was clearly proving how far he had come since taking apart every nut, bolt, spring, belt, and thingamajig rusted stubbornly into a 1960s AMC Rambler to then scrape, clean, drill, bore out, reshear, repaint, and finally reassemble a shiny spanking hot muscle rider whose poor white walls only lasted three, four weeks, month after month, until he would eagerly move on to another mechanical post-scholastic feat. He took a job at the Jax plant right out of highschool. Twenty years later he was still there, shop steward, I heard. With the woes and wranglings GE has experienced the last decade or so I would guess my friend has retired or has started a second career, tweaking some knuckle-skinning machine I'd wager.

But why is GE and Jeffrey Immelt now siding up to wind mills and disregarding this proven, more robust, and yes, clean technology?

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