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Barack Obama Jokes With Rod Blagojevich

NOTICE ANYTHING SLIGHTLY OFF in the presentation of the following argument levied against Bill "Simple Man" O'Reilly and country singer Ray Stevens whose greatest hits are tongue in cheek novelty songs like The Streaker and Shriner's Convention?

Why does the Left go to great lengths to guard their president from behavior that has been the norm in political life much longer than memory can reveal—what makes Obama so special that he is beyond reproach for his ill-formed and ordinary political gamesmanship?

It’s not surprising that an anti-Obama song would be promoted on Fox News which actively promotes anything and anybody that is anti-Obama. Bill O’Reilly was so impressed with Ray Stevens' “patriotic” little anti-Obama tune, that he featured the song on two separate “Factor” segments. On neither occasion did O’Reilly attempt to rebut the lies that are presented in the song: but rather, presented it as wholesome fun. Move over Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and all the other songsters whose music accompanied the Civil Rights rallies and Freedom Marches. We now have a new form of protest music for another type of movement which actively vilifies the first African American president of the US. The times they are a changing...

No, I didn't either. That this so-called liberal post by someone whose byline identifies the writer only as "Priscilla" actually adheres to liberal logic when she ever so innocently, however slick the wrapper, suggests that it is barely imaginable that someone might actually "vilify" an American president because of his skin color. There we have it ladies and gentlemen, off the keyboards of babes, liberal logic insisting that a president be granted immunity from criticism, allegedly because of the color of his skin. Maybe the ever crucial ban on criticizing the first African-American president in satirical lyric and song will be lifted when the "second" African- American president takes office. Or would Priscilla suggest 42 more AA presidents ascend to the highest office in the land before rules of moral turpitude against vilifying an African American president, in erring towards true balance in matters of our heads of state, are lifted?

Wait a minute. That doesn't make sense...

All this contortion of logic begs the question as to what changes are applied to lyrical protocol when the first strategically hyphenated American woman finally makes presidential muster Having followed the 2008 Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama brick-a-brack about as squeamishly as a PUMA website stalker squatting in the nosebleed seats can, if last season's Democratic presidential campaign and subsequent convention proved anything, it proved nothing is ever what it seems (beyond the reach of liberal logic).

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