Lethal Stupidities

Sharia Blood sport

Blood sport

Found posted by a fellow known as Wellington:

"As Menachem Begin said, Saudi Arabia is not a country, it's a family (and a horrible family at that). This story about the percentage of terrorists in Iraq who are Saudi Arabian, functions as just one more reason why America must move to almost complete energy independence. We need to explore in ANWAR. (And please spare me the environmental concerns. Anwar is the size of West Virginia and less than 1% or it would have to be drilled, and then with the most sophisticated drilling equipment the world has ever seen.) We need to build more refineries (none built here for thirty years). We need to go nuclear. We need to explore for oil off our coasts, in Colorado and wherever there might be large amounts. We need to be innovative and diligent in the search for new sources of energy (through the private sector; government will just screw things up here). And, oh yes, as an aside, we need to ban further Muslim immigration so the damn dysfunctional, murderous bastards don't bring their lethal stupidities over here."

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