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Last week I had the joy of attending an art opening at Art Whino in Arlington. There I met a 19 year old female artist whose large works were exquisite in style and execution, sensuous and feminine, contemporary and dark. Her parents were artists. She had been painting her entire young life. After striking up a conversation, eventually the discussion stirred away from her work to my own as a painter. I mentioned the Islamic threat to the West as a topic of interest to me, and her response was cute, sassy, and pleasant to the ears of many, "Yes, I know, they think we are evil and we think they are evil. And so it goes."

Out of the mouth of babes? I think not.

Of course, we continue to hear from pacifist leftists, Islamochristians, Mainline Protestants, and other blind eye liberals, the same unbroken narrative of an "oppressed" people, a few Christians among them, persecuted by Zionist Israeli "occupiers." Since when were these a sovereign people living within defined borders? Lest we prove ignorant by our own standards of intelligence, we should recall that the Arabs rejected a two-state solution in 1917 (Balfour Declaration), in 1937 (Peel Commission Plan), in 1947 (U.N. Partition Plan), and in !967 (Israeli Peace Initiative). Hem and haw. Jack and Jill. This long winding road to an ever ephemeral peace plan isnothing but a protracted trick based on the Qu'ran that requires Muslims to fight the kaffir wherever he finds them. Period.

Are we to simply shed our relationship to the truth just to feel sorry for the collective lot of the these politically and religiously motivated Arabs and other Islamists around the globe who plot day and night, and blame Israel for its measures of self-preservation, and in a greater sense blame the West for its own stagnation? I think not.

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