Isabella The Crusader


Isabella the Crusader?

Lest we be deluded by the heavy PC mentality surrounding us, it is ALWAYS okay to defend one's self and one's family and friends from being annihilated. And it is even more important to do so against Islam. Jesus the Nazarene exhorts us in the Gospel not to be afraid of those who can destroy the body but of those who can destroy the body and the soul. Islam is quite capable of doing both. And that is my biggest personal concern. To kill the body is disturbing but doesn't bother me as much as the thought of Islam getting its tentacles around our children and grandchildren and the only way we are going to end this threat is to destroy it.

It's either us or them. They use terror to get their way and a lot of people just can't or won't stand up to terror. These sad deluded people will sacrifice their freedom for the illusion of security and in the end, will have nothing but slavery and zilch security. Reasoning with these folks just doesn't work. Look at what the "peace loving Imams" dispatches have to say about those who disagree with them...

1) women wear the hijab or we hit her,
2) unrepentent kuffar wherever they are found should be crucified and left to hang for three days to bleed to death,
3) the systems of the infidels need to be destroyed,
4) Muslims need to take over all the governments of the world.

It's that simple. I don't want that and as long as I'm still breathing I will fight against that. Bribery and supplication in their direction is worthless. Money can't buy us love. And when it comes down to a physical fight between the Muslims and the rest of us—pretty much a given—since it is now happening in Somalia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Thailand, Russia, China, et cetera, in hot wars, and all across Europe and Australia in spotty warm wars, we will be condemned of a grave sin if we DO NOT stand up against it and defend our countries and our people. Knowing what we now know we will not be let off the hook if we surrender to demonic Islamism.

There is no other way...

—Isabella the Crusader

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