ISA Continues To Curry Favor

Saudi Islamic Academy

Saudi Islamic Academy

Who's wide awake now? More on the northern Virginia Saudi-backed Islamic school, which has been under fire of late for many unsavory reasons, the last being their intention to enlarge their premises. Here's a an observation by a reader of Jihad Watch:

As a lifelong resident of Northern Virginia and one who has worked for private schools throughout my teaching career, I can testify to how much difficulty the County typically gives to the zoning procedures for any private school, particularly toward private Christian schools.

But in the case of the ISA, the County is bending over backwards and evincing full dhimmitude. The contrast couldn't be more apparent! What should we conclude? Frankly, I suspect there is a money trail—possibly campaign donations to Board members or something similar.

When Fairfax Christian School sold to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia back in the 1980s, the financial offer was sky high—an offer not to be refused, really, Chesapeake Bay Watershed Act or no Chesapeake Bay Watershed Act.

To my knowledge, the Popes Head Road location of the ISA is now configured differently from when the site was the property of a Christian school. Last time I drove by, the place was similar to a walled compound. My memory could be faulty as I haven't been there in a while. I will check it out on my own soon. But I can say this FOR A FACT: When Fairfax Christian School was operating in that location, the site was not a walled compound.

Here's something else to note: in Fairfax County, the ISA has used or purchased sites previously used as schools, thereby passing the initial and grueling zoning procedure. There's a reason for that method: if starting from "scratch," the school and its primary officers/investors would have to produce proof of character and sign off on future intentions for the site. In addition, along the way during construction, inspections of all sorts would be conducted on a regular basis. Among those inspections would be a process of full financial disclosure, made public.

America. Home of the sellout.

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