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WHY HAVE OUR LEADERS forsaken us? In this house of mirrors some dub the war against terrorism, why is it that our elected leadership doesn't seem to know the depths our enemies prepare for us, refusing to call the enemy by his real name. Is it possible that our leadership is so thwarted by ignorance and arrogance that the true aggressive nature of the Islamic threat is as veiled from them as is the hair of a Shi'ite woman strolling the streets of Tehran today?

It just doesn't seem possible, does it? Let's take the administrations of George Bush and Tony Blair. They both have experts, war experts, culture experts, language experts, economic experts, and every stripe of experts on experts on campus. Why the disconnect between what's happening on the ground in the name of Allah and what's happening in the mouths of these leaders who continue to suck up to the disemblers of Islam?

Is this a top level case of dumb and dumber, or simply a Western ploy to win friends and influence oil shieks despite the evidence that quite the opposite is happening?

Is it true that once our proud leaders achieve dizzying heights of power they suddenly believe they are superhuman and can bring peace on earth and good will to mankind, simply by the force of their back slapping personalties?

And for good measure, simultaneously sell their own nations out for selfish financial gain? Let's face fact. We have a string of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic a hundred years counting who sure up their own personal empires whilst destroying the empire of the people they serve.

Since they are not in touch with their own duplicity it is no surprise they are in denial about the political duplicity festering in the Middle East. Unfortunately, many mainstream Americans haven't gazed away from their navals long enough to understand their own nation's counter-productive "meddling" overseas either.

My point is simple. Truth condemns each and every one of us humans because we all, at some time or other, deny our own duplicity out of short-sighted selfishness. In our denial we commit stupid acts to avoid responsibility of other acts we have committed.

The West's unfortunate legacy to the world is violence. We sell weapons to practically anyone ready to upgrade from the pebbles and bottle bombs of their stone-age economies, as we fail to understand human nature and hand over empires to despots and then sell these despots weapons to establish and then prop up their new mini-empires.

The whole planet needs reformation. The reformation does not need to start in Iraq so much as it does here in the West. We have sold our souls for short term personal wealth and a temporary peace because the truth about ourselves is inconvenient and greed is just too convenient to pass up.

We left a desire for virtue, chastity, honesty, self-sacrifice, and honest pilgimmage in the Middle Ages and now we have nothing to to defend us against those that brought forward the lie, greed, and oppression from those same times.

Maybe this crisis of conscience will wake us up to the reality of our own and our leaders' own shortcomings. Perhaps we will rally before it is too late to do something positive and pertinent about it. The shame of ugly truth staring back at us as we curse the mirrors and praise our enemies is perhaps we will not.

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