Incoming Bogey, Six Plus Six

Ahmadinejad's Naked Agenda

Ahmadinejad's Naked Agenda

The Persian Ten Year Plan?

HERE'S AN EYE OPENER, maybe an eye burner if one actually takes the time to realize how much this administration has co-operated with a transnational political policy which is actually succeeding in putting Humpty Dumpty (the Caliphate) back together again, and guess what, there are only a few pieces of the eggshell puzzle left to go. According to the former president (1997-2005) of Iran Seyed Mohammad Khatami, in what he dubbed "six plus six", Iran's eventual goal was to see secular dictators in all the countries bordering Iraq as well as Egypt, to fall.

Note where Obama has helped with speeches and even force of arms, and notice who Obama has silently ignored while the people cry out from their oppression. Iran. Syria, its satellite. Given a pass. Egypt. Libya. Oops. Beating to their own drum, more secular than mullah dominated. Thumbs down. Take down time comes rushing out from the other side of President Obama's Nobel prize winning mouth.

Well, it doesn't take a weather man to know which way the wind blows...

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  1. I was just noticing the news feed at the side. It claims that Bosnia is the home of Euro Islam and a place where “religious fervor” and “joie de vivre” exist side by side.

    That’s a serious lie. There is no joie de vivre in Islam. The entire concept of life being good, and its corollary, the individual worth improvement, are alien to Islam.


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