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The new Geert Wilders movie about Islam is about to make its appearance. The Netherlands is hunkering down waiting for the inevitable backlash. Wilders insists that his film will prove once and for all that the Koran is a fascist book, a piece of writing filthy with violence and incitements to kill until the objectives of which it espouses are met.

A few comments by a former soldier known here as Sergeant Brown:


In America we call this police brutality, but Muslims demand sharia law...

The film will be a re-enforcement of know fact. The followers of the Qur'an provide you with a daily dose of fact by their actions. They lie, rape, murder, maim, intimidate, extort, and vandalize and scandalize, then they quote passages from the Qur'an as justification for their actions. And it is not "just a few isolated extremists who have hijacked a religion" as some will tell you. They are in almost every country constantly probing for weak people, weak security, and other weaknesses they can exploit to their benefit. They thrive on the "fear factor" of terror. They have discovered "fear works". In almost every case of terrorism by Islamic jihadists where ever it occurs you will find a mosque nearby—and in almost every case it is discovered the terrorists attended the mosque—and they quote passages from the Qur'an.

The terrorists filter in from almost every Muslim country—some come in legally (really easy to in countries with lax immigration rules), others slip in illegally (really easy to do in countries with lax border security)—and you will often see Islamic clerics giving hate speeches and threatening violence prior to an actual attack—often , just prior to the attack, the clerics will make demands for special priviledges for Muslims (you must do this—you must do that.) Or demand the host government remove its support for fighting terrorism from those who are trying to fight terrorism. The terrorists quickly warn the host country that suicide bombers and other violent acts will occur soon if their demands are not met....

In the possession of terrorists killed in attacks on innocent people you will often find:

    a) a Koran;
    b) hate documents inspired by the Koran;
    c) indications of travel and/or training in a Muslim country (often Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Yemen, or Egypt);
    d) photos of now dead marytrs who succeeded in killing infidels;
    e) newspaper clippings of violent incidents caused when some infidel dropped a Koran, improperly touched a Koran, supposedly made some perceived insulting remark about a Koran, or published an inspired cartoon depicting Muslims as they truly are (a violent people) or made a film showing how Muslims treat its women or its "followers", or of some judicial success stories when Muslims sue businesses or employers for perceived injustices (i.e. profiling, discriminating, or display of anti-Islamic sentiments)...

It becomes clearer every day that the Qur'an inspires violence—and the Muslims are proud to quote from it—and they do it often—far too often to allow it to be sold in stores, displayed in schools, or even allowed in non-Muslim countries.

You seldom see any books banned in western countries—but go to a Muslim countries and visit a bookstore and see if you can find good books about the Bible or of Biblical history. See if you can find Moby Dick, Tale of Two Cities, or any number or great classical books. See if you can find books written about the Crusades. See if you can find books about the great inventors of the world. See if you can find books about the cultures and histories of the western worlds or of its scientists or doctors...

Islam bans many books. We should ban at least one—the Qur'an—it is evil.

Thanks, Sarge. Now, YOU be the judge. If you're still not convinced, but require a more convincing audio and visual aid in fathoming this assault on your fine senses, try this clip. And please, prepare yourselves and your loved ones with the proper knowledge needed to fight this coming threat better than our leaders are preparing the nation. For what is happening in Europe, or Eurabia today, and in hotspots elsewhere around the globe, is on its way to a neighborhood near you, if things don't change at the top, and we learn to not only recognize and name our enemy, but wholeheartedly resolve to soundly defeat it.

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