I Beg Your Pardon


Tom Tancredo

WHAT THE HELL IN A HANDBASKET is the George Bush White House inhaling during these final days of his busted nut? Still spinning like a puppet in the wind.

John Allen Aregood was convicted of conspiring to transport and harbor illegal aliens. President Bush pardoned him just days ago. But what about former Border Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who, according to Congressman Tom Tancredo and many others, were sent to prison for "doing their jobs?" Just doing their jobs, Hoss. But we hear nothing, even though the Terminal Right has been a strong advocate for a pardon in this case from the very beginning. Not a word!

In total, President Bush—just weeks after issuing 14 pardons—bestowed his good graces on YET ANOTHER 20 individuals. Here's a partial list of the 19 pardons (courtesy of the Associated Press):

  • William Alvis III of Flushing, Ohio. Possession of an unregistered firearm and cocaine distribution.
  • Eric Charles Blanke of Parker, Colo. Counterfeiting.
  • Steve Doyle Cavender of The Villages, Fla. Conspiring to import, possess, distribute and dispense marijuana.
  • Marie Elena Eppens of Lynden, Wash. Conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute marijuana.
  • Eduviges Duvi Gonzalez-Matsumura of Clovis, Calif. Aiding and abetting embezzlement of bank funds.

    Minor. Major. All debatable. But still nothing for Campos and Compean? President Bush also commuted the prison sentence of Reed Raymond Prior who was convicted of possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and sentenced in 1996 to life in prison. So what do we have here?

    • a trafficker of illegal aliens
    • drug pushers
    • embezzlers

    Were these people more deserving of a pardon than two American heroes who put their lives on the line every single day to protect our border? Is this what happened to  "compassionate conservatism?"

    With days to go before he leaves office, time is running out for President Bush to do the right thing, answer those questions and release these brave American heroes from prison! Soembody in that damned house needs to wake up and listen to us.

    Tell them that the railroading of Ramos and Compean is a gross miscarriage of justice and perhaps one of the most cynical misuses of power in our nation's recent history. Tell them that their continued imprisonment demeans the American people and our government.

    Tell them that these brave American heroes are owed apologies for the injustice they have suffered and that this horrible wrong can be righted only if the President pardons these men or commutes their sentences.

    It is highly doubtful that Barack Obama will champion the cause of these wrongfully and vindictively prosecuted American heroes. That means that if President Bush fails to act soon, these brave men are destined to spend a DECADE behind bars... NO TIME OFF FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR... NO CHANCE OF PAROLE. The grim and brutal aspect of this atrocity has been distilled to these possibilities:

    • Some say that Compean and Ramos were prosecuted to appease a foreign government.
    • Others even say they were offered as sacrificial lambs to advance a political agenda and a schizoidphrenic administration.
    • Still others say that it was just a horrible miscarriage of justice.
    Assuming that any one (or any combination) of these opinions is true:

    • The foreign government, that some would say their prosecution was intended to appease, has long since forgotten about them.
    • The political agenda that some would say their imprisonment was meant to advance—namely amnesty—was defeated!
    • And the freakish miscarriage of justice has simply gone on too long.

    No matter which option one chooses, the only reason NOW not to pardon the brave Border Agents or at least commute their sentences is hard-hearted vindictiveness.

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