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No Surrender

Calligraphy invented by Islam? Really, what about Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew writing? This script says "Never Surrender." Perhaps all infidels need to learn how to write this in defiance of those who would lord over us.

MORE PICKINGS FROM THE VINE of Islamic fruits: "The only thing Islam has ever "contributed" to the world, is Islam, which is only a "contribution" if you're a Muslim male. Every contribution to world history claimed by Muslims is either marginal (calligraphy) or the claim is false (algebra)." If you want a laugh, pick up a copy of the current issue of DISCOVER magazine. The cover story is titled "Science and Islam." In the article a fellow from Cairo named Zahioul El-Naggar explains in the typical supremacist manner that "what people call the scientific method—is really the Islamic method." There is more in the article about how all the technology the West has developed is based on an Islamic foundation, and therefore all credit, of course, is really due to them. This is like a wolf pissing on a tree to mark his territory and then bragging to all the other wolves about what a beautiful tree he created.

There is in the DISCOVER article a somewhat informative discussion about how Islamic "scientists" limit themselves by what is found in the Qu'ran, but the article fails to mention the hidden, understood purpose of those Islamic scientists—not to benefit humanity generally, but rather to scientifically support jihad—the spreading Islam over the globe.

This immutable Qu'ranic agenda leads to another metaphor, one used here before. One can say that Islam is like the "Borg civilization" from Star Trek. Creating nothing on its own, Islam has only one purpose—serving its own collective self. It subjugates the populations of advanced, thriving civilizations, expunging their individual identities and demolishing their cultures, and then it applies any pilfered sience and technology to one and only one purpose—the further spread of Islam.

This is the meaning of jihad—total war against the "other." This is the perpetual promise of Islam. Positively demonic.

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