Good Question, Bad Bread


Found this on the Washington Times website. If this is the party of Kennedy, why has this party never reiterated his message? We know the answer. The donkey party has attained revolution mode. Their prime objective is the full teleological assault of progressivism.

“We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans—born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage, and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

John Fitzgerald Kennedy—January 20, 1961

And I also agree with this next poster:

"You cannot lead the military when you consider them torturers, murderers and Nazi's or remain silent while senior members of the party refer to them as such. You cannot support the troops and not the war when a majority of the Congress authorized the war. You cannot expect our military to win the war when the leaders in Congress say it is lost. You cannot remain deaf when the majority of the citizens recognize energy dependence as a national security threat. You cannot build national security integrity with a blame agenda."

And there is more...

The problem is that the current Democrat party is most definitely NOT the party of Kennedy or Roosevelt. In fact, if either of those men were running today the Democrat party would treat them pretty much the way they are treating poor Joe Lieberman. Joe is from the same party as Kennedy, Truman and Roosevelt, and the current Democrats are pretty much throwing him under the bus.

Lieberman is for a strong national defense and prefers negotiating from strength. The current Democrats, a.k.a. the party of Obama, want to negotiate from weakness, want to cut and run, want to slash our defense budget, our forces, and equipment.

I think Kennedy, Truman, and Roosevelt would be horrified as to how much their party had been taken over by the fruitcake lefties like Kerry (who is, in my mind, a traitor), Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, and other cowards and appeasers. No wonder the country doesn't trust them.

Okay, let's slice this cake another way. The Democrats are the party of Fonda, the party of Streisand, the party of Moore, the party of "Winter Soldier" Kerry, the party of Sheehan. The Democrats HATE the military and feel that it should be used as "supercops" or "the Peace Corp with guns."

it is neither, and however you wish to construe the (mis)adventure in Iraq, the military has kicked proverbial butt there. It's the Jackass Party who made a big deal out of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and Haditha because it is more important for the Democrats to run down the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines than it is to win the war(s).

This is why Democrats lose the military vote and the confidence of the American public on national security, and on this one, FDR and JFK roll in their graves!

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