Funnier Than All Get Out


Biological Hazard Promotes Thinking

Okay, so Mohammed suggested his raiding party low on supplies to drink camel milk and urine, that magical whatever gets you through the night potion. I wonder what Mohammed himself drank to quench his thirst for victory in tight situations. But that's a burning topic for another day.

The question here is what would YOU do in a tough situation? The United States government has a new website, displaying public service symbols for terrorism readiness, in the tradition of the old "duck and cover" campaigns after WWII. Where are these signs? I haven't seen any and I live in the nation's capital, ground zero. But some young designer got a government job. Isn't that patriotic...

The funny thing is that these pictures are so ambiguous they could mean anything! You can find a few guesses here. Don't hurt yourself laughing...even if you find them funnier than all get out.

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