Flying Dust

Aerial view of Forest Hills

Aerial view of Forest Hills

China continues to fix its own currency against the dollar. The House of Saud tightens its grip on the American economy, holding it hostage with its blood-stained stash of petrodollars, whispering threats to go Euro.

Dubai oil sheiks ratchet up the critical stakes of impending financial doom by purchasing controlling chunks of Western stock exchanges. Hardball on a soft field. Playing for keeps. Winner take all. The West is rapidly losing its stewardship, and foul friends just laugh and cackle good riddance. Vincente Fox admits push for a single Western Hemisphere currency. Open borders. Political alliances operating on false presumptions and feckless ignorance. Babies nursed on bombs. Roving gangs well-hidden. Faces ripped off dirty headlines. Motion in recoil. Deceit in motion. No one in control. Welcome to chaos, ugly to its core. Fear in the fingers. Arrogance on the nose. Hatred by the book. Cowards without fright. Opposing thumbnails. Inversions of the rule. The pauper's pose. Hooked on transference. Lies. Damn lies. Peace at any cost. Ugly to its core. Flying dust.

And now of course, our trendy American kids are at it again, proving that ruthless irrationality in any forum always trumps strategic idealism in the hawkish eyes of its declared and undeclared enemies:

Wearing black shirts and covering their faces with bandanas, scores of sometimes unruly demonstrators marched through Georgetown last night to protest the international finance and development organizations meeting this weekend.

Despite the large contingent of officers on scooters and bicycles who flanked and followed the 200 to 300 protesters, violent incidents broke out. A woman bled after being struck in the face with what police said was a flying brick.

Trash cans were overturned in the rain-dampened streets, objects were thrown, and newspaper boxes were overturned. Two protesters were arrested in connection with an incident in which an officer was pushed from a scooter, Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said.

Many store windows were boarded up in anticipation of the demonstration, which targeted the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, but two unprotected windows were struck near Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. It was not clear whether they were broken.

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