Fingers In The Wind


Anjem Choudary

Fingers in the wind. How many? Can't you see? It has become plain to see that many Americans simply fail to understand the few platitudes sprinkled through the Qu'ranic Surahs which call for mutual reciprocity, charity, tolerance and respect apply to "brother muslims" alone. None apply to disbelievers.

In general, Americans don't understand that the Ten Commandments, of which the Nazarene condensed to a mere two, as well as the so-called Golden Rule are missing in the third "Abrahamic Religion" and are only spoofed in a believer versus unbeliever parallelism predicated to the totalitarian thrust of its sole commandment. This commandent is an aggressive call to convert the entire world—by the bloody sword if need be—in total and absolute submission to Islam (and its death cult leadership). These naive 21st century Americans "of the book" seem content to believe that Allah means "God" in a generic benevolent way, and thus is compatible to their own simple notions of a loving god.

Frankly, that's certainly not too far off the mark these days in the hallowed halls of Islamophilia where politically correct shamans and deceivers are dutifully busy setting up the chessboard for future contests; however al-Lah is somewhat of a franchised brand name from one of many pre-existing desert cults competing for supremacy in the 7th century until Mohammed's armies won the battle, and consolidated, played forward to contemporary times. Since the al-Lah cult came to monopolize thought in large swaths of the world for enough time, al-Lah became Allah by the same mechanism we refer generically to soft drinks as 'Coke' or facial tissues as 'Kleenex' or photocopies as 'Xeroxes'. It is a matter of brand dominance leading to simple name substitution. Al-Lah is not the same as Yahweh and never was.

If those Americans who still hold dear their own religious identity but are still fuzzily projecting these same ideals upon the Mohammedan smokescreen wake up and begin to recognize these distinctions, perhaps some progress can be made in separating truth from taqiyyah before militant jihad and sharia law can take root in our own soil.

How long do we tolerate the notion of "religious superiority" now popping up everywhere across the nation? Not Christianity. Not Judaism. But by all means, let's roll out the red carpets for Mohammedism. This disasterous sentiment is prelude to a much worse outcome if Americans do not begin to realize what it is up against. Peaceful and integrated Muslims need to prove themselves worthy of the affiliation. The fallout from the incident of the Flying Imams is just another example of something quite different at work.

Tell me. Why on earth does the ACLU support every trumped up CAIR posture that flutters across the worldstage but initiates war against groups like the Boy Scouts of America? After all, they both refuse to endorse homosexuality within its ranks. Within the former group, the ACLU doesn't seem to care. With the latter group, however, that is precisely WHY the ACLU wars against them.

Meanwhile, Muslim leaders across the globe continue to blame any resistance these radicalized or belligerent Muslims face for services rendered as mired in ignorance. Might I suggest, the ignorance is all THEIRS.

Scenario 1
American goes to Malaysia, flies Malaysian Airlines, stands up before the flight begins, and loudly prays the rosary, and asks for submission of all Muslims to Catholicism. Oh yes, and he demands in his everyday life in Kuala Lumpur that he be considered a Malaysian citizen. He would branded an “ugly American.”

Scenario 2
Muslims migrate to America to pretend to be American citizens but in reality aim to make America a nation under sharia law in the next few decades. Six imams, knowing American sensitivity towards terrorism, in order to mock it and celebrate how they sympathize with terrorists, stand on an airplane and pray. They don’t assimilate; we must assimilate to them. Are they “ugly Muslims?” No, they are victims of capitalist, imperialist oppression.

This, dear readers, unfortunately, is the logic of the Left, the naive, the US government, and spiritual slackers everywhere...

I applaud freedom and liberty for truly empathetic Muslims, and I say with full force of personality, "Welcome to America!" But to those who persist in this duality of deception and betrayal of core American values, for those who are laying in wait for the seige of America to begin, I condemn as I likewise condemn and predict a rude awakening to those who claim citizenship from generations past, as this nation is judged by Yahweh the Almighty Creator and Judge of Humanity, as it is written in terrible detail for these who comprehend the harsh end times of our bold nation's earliest birth pangs.

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