Ex-Muslim Cartoonist Strikes Back


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Speaking of Cartoon Rage, there's a new and interesting anti-jihadist provacateur on the block. The spot-on main character in The Infidel, the upcoming graphic novel by the ex-Muslim Bosch Fawstin, like his creator, is also an ex-Muslim and a cartoonist.

This character creates "Pigman," a ruthless counter-jihad superhero, as a response to 9/11. His creating the Pigman comic book brings him face to face with the enemy: his born-again Muslim brother, who has become a jihadist.

Real-life anti-jihadist hero Fawstin writes:

Once you allow the murder of human beings as an intrinsic part of spreading your belief system, and as a literal part of your 'holy book', NO irrelevant, out of context good can be claimed. No redemption is possible. Now, from my experience, most Muslims are simply better than Islam, and I attribute that to their humanity, to their ability to ignore Islam and its constant pull to influence the worst part of our natures.

The moment Mohammad crossed the line and used his sword to spread Islam was the moment Islam was revealed as an even more impotent belief system than originally thought. Mohammad understood that without force, Islam would have died with him, and that tells you a lot about his ‘faith’ in his own religion.

It all begins with Mohammad, it all begins with the nature of the man. He is considered the perfect man in Islam. So morality, when it came to Islam, was equated with ‘Mohammed’ and whatever he said and did. It’s no mystery that where Islam dominates, there’s hell on earth.

We’re still looking for ‘the good’ in something bad because that’s our nature. We’re so healthy a culture, relatively speaking, that we're still confounded by what’s going on around us. We need to look to the good for the good and judge evil belief systems as just that. Jihad, holy war against all non-Muslims, [no matter WHAT Muslims would tell you about it being a ‘spiritual journey’,] is the heart of Islam, and without it, Islam’s dead. One Cannot moderate evil. It’s no longer up to Muslims to ‘reform’ Islam, we’ve seen that they’re not morally up to even considering the prospect of it. There’s only the possibility of absolute moral transformation, of a moral revolution of Islam by Muslims. But I don’t think they will do so without the entire world Forcing them to do so. Again, there is NO mass movement of Muslims who are looking to morally transform Islam, the very notion of it offends them.

For our own good, the end game of this jihad, the time when we are forced to choose between us or them, [a day which Will come] is massive destruction of terrorist countries to the point where the Muslim world has NO choice but to join civilization once and for all. To the point where they stop looking at the world as the enemy and see that it’s been Islam all along that’s made their lives hell.

I can go on here, may have went on some tangents, but we are in such deep shit with our sheer gutlessness as a culture in simply seeing the truth about the enemy that I fear it will take another devastating attack for us to see the truth and act on it, even if the actors are wretched politicians. But they will have no choice.

Check it out. You won't regret it.

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