Ex-Muslim Attacked In Netherlands

VOORBURG, THE NETHERLANDS—Ehsan Jami, the chairman of the committee for ex-Muslims, will be given extra security. The national anti-terrorism coordinator's office, the public prosecution department and the police decided during a meeting on Monday that "additional measures" are necessary for the protection of the 22-year-old Labour PvdA council member in Leidschendam-Voorburg. A spokesperson for the office of the national anti-terrorism coordinator (NCTb) reported this on Monday when asked. The extra measures are being implemented because Jami was attacked and beaten in Voorburg last weekend. No further details about the extra security measures are being released.

Jami did not want to say much about the attack earlier in the day on Monday. "I'm too emotional for that," the politician said. His advisor and publicist, academic Afshin Ellian, says that three men of ethnic background were waiting to attack Jami after he left a supermarket.


Ex-Muslim Ehsan Jami

He was struck twice and sworn at. Ellian says it is the third time that Jami has been ambushed like this recently. The attack has been reported to police.

Jami said in an interview previously that Mohammed was "a terrible man." He hopes his committee can help Muslims who turn away from Islam and put taboos in the Muslim world like domestic violence and human rights violations on the agenda.

Harry Oldersma, faction chairman of the PvdA in Leidschendam-Voorburg, was "shocked and angry" at the abuse suffered by his fellow party member. "It just isn't acceptable that you are beaten up for having an opinion. That crosses all boundaries."

Unfortunately, this attack was is a mere blip on the radar when in Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Gaza, Iraq, the Caucasians, Afghanistan, and in so many other places across the globe, people who speak out or wish to convert away from Islam are killed, maimed, raped, beheaded, and have their bodies dumped, daily, and few in the west seem to notice, or worse, they don't even care, but persist in making allowances and excuses for this murderous cult of deathworshippers.

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