Dismantling The Enemy

Adapted from Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch:


Oil Is Not The Hostage Taker

Only one thing will work. Not appeals to common sense, intelligence, morality, the truth. Not stuff like that. Hit them where it hurts. If the company that owns the billboard believes it will suffer, not necessarily through its billboard rental business, but in other ways, in other businesses it may own, and if it calculates that its losses will outweigh any "gain" from not offending Muslims and Arabs, it changes its approach. They learn that we must crush rather than appease those parties with all that oil wealth successive American governments have not done a thing to diminish. Pleading as Bush did for lower prices merely causes the cartel to believe that we believe they hold all the cards, when of course if things were understood properly, it is we who hold them, beginning with the ability to make oil just as expensive, through taxation, as we wish, and thereby diminish demand, ending with their complete reliance on the Western world for medical care, education, advanced technology, weaponry, the defense of their assorted "royal" families, and so on...

Make the owner aware that there will be consequences.

And here's another thought...

All American patriots must come to the realization that every second or third generation will have to sacrifice dearly for life and liberty, or it will be lost. The enemy we now face is no different in essence than the British Empire that we faced in 1776, or the Nazi enemy we faced in WWII. The American Revolution is not over yet, and we still must either defend ourselves from all enemies of our God-given liberty, both home and abroad; or give in to tyranny and terror. It is time to re-declare our Declaration of Independence.

Outward jihad for the installation is not a civil right. It is the brutal aggression of a sado-masochistic system which plays for keeps and is peculiarly bent on world domination.

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