Defusing The Population Bomb


India To Overtake China

IT'S BEEN POSTULATED that India's overpopulation is a global problem because the world has contracted into a singular entity in ways we have yet to completely absorb, for better AND for worse. The world community must encourage India to reduce its over-population problem. If a pandemic virus strikes the regions of India, the likelihood that the entire planet will reel from the effects of it in very short order, is unquestionable because of easy travel and the lack of any authority worth its salt to rush in to contain or quarantine the pandemic in quick order.

Do the Muslims of India care about the ramifications its own contributions to overpopulation? Clearly not. Because Mohammedism teaches them that by any means necessary, including lying for the sake of the ummah, murdering unbelievers, forced conversions by the sword, and excessive birthing for the sake of Allah made easier with the polygamous derangements of Islam, the Muslims of the world are commanded over and over to jihad in order to eventually RULE the entire planet with an iron fist for Islam.

Take note. The most imperceptible way of achieving this well-stated and often emphasized goal of world-domination is by producing as many new Muslim babies as possible. That many of these woman are hostages in a ruthlessly segregated male-dominated society is also a sad but irrelevant factoid this 7th-century culture resists changing...

While the rest of the world has accepted its responsibility to comprehend the nature of overpopulation, the Muslims are doing exactly the opposite. They know that if they continue to buck the trend of the rest of the world, the demographics of their own foray into infidel lands will pay dividends, and in less than a generation or two there are going to be more Muslims in Europe and the rest of the West. Democracy gives its enemies the "majority vote" which will be used to install the totalitarian dictatorship of religious bigotry. Seems like we've been there before...

So unless a radical change occurs soon in the stalwart defense of the civilized world, prepare your grandchildren to drop to their knees in seeking the mercy of the Ayatollahs. And don't forget to thank the glitter-eyed Marxist appeasers for the wonderful one world government they have always dreamed of embracing, but we know that when reality hits, and hits, and hits, they will be scrapping for their lives just like the rest of us. The transition from European culture to the Eurabian culture will not be a pleasant one.

Stop Islamic immigration now!

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  1. Gabriel Thy | May 20, 2009 at 6:08 PM |

    That Westerners, afflicted by liberal paralysis, are caving in to these insidious demands for self-undoing and denial of our national existence is shamefully outrageous, but this should come as no shocking surprise. After all, Islam is our enemy - has been since its inception - and are merely doing what enemies do: Attempting to dismantle their enemy, in this case the West, in order to achieve victory from within (and without). The demands of the Muslims merely illustrate how well-schooled they are in the twin Western idolatries of "equal rights" and multicultural diversity. As our enemy, it is perfectly natural for them to strike at our soft underbelly; despoil us in our slumbers, by political or other means. They know perfectly well that, as long as the West remains sensitively tolerant and squeamishly corrrect, the advantage belongs to them. All they have to do, as instance the civil rights debacle in America, is yell "bigot!" and the world will listen.

    Unfortunately, the gravity of this situation will continue unabated so long as Muslims know that the West has cowardly surrendered its right to existence by its appalling lack of will to vigorously defend itself against the onslaught of dhimmitude. There is a disconnect here, though, which is striking. Ordinary citizens know this intuitively. Our so-called leaders, spiritual cowards really, know it not at all. Instead they prefer to perform magical operations in a dream world of their own making by cravenly surrendering more and more to the demands of jihadists bent on cuttting our threats. Leaders? They should all be strung up on the nearest lamppost.

    This post was found on the Dr. Daniel Pipes site, written by David Romero on December 16, 2005. I thank Mr. Romero for his astute assessment of what ails the West, even now, some three plus years later.

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