Defining Hatred By Manifest Destiny


Syrian War Crimes

Here we go again, with this damnable moral equivalency argument. We are living in the year 2007, but some people, both the aggressors and their apologists just love to pacify us all with references to the deep past when it is the actions of the aggressors in today's world that is at issue. The deep past may even bolster our argument but the point here is that these opponents of what we know to be true use these false equivalencies to blur the issue, move the lines, and absolve these hostile combatants from their current activities and their motivations.

In this video, this terse Muslim carefully lays out his asnine plan of destruction for Israel and the United States. Let's be clear about this singular point. Defining hatred by manifest destiny instructs us to agree that friends of Mohammed are no friends of mine.

In editing this page in addition to many others after the transition from two old blogs (the Bellicose Auger and the Two-Fisted Quorum) into the Project, we learn once again that any unflattering video depicting Islam is systematically removed from service, their availability by Google or its owner while most other political videos of other content, say, the election of 2008, remain available.

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