Cutting Those Wisdom Teeth


Make Love, Not War?

I may want to "see the goodness in all people", too, but then along comes Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Tamerlane or Mohammad, and spoils the party. A doctor may want to see health in all people, but sometimes it's cancer. Better to see what's there, and not what you wish. And why do those who oppose the historical "evils" of the West always fail to oppose the greater, more dangerous and current evils of the marching, militant, intolerant Islamic theocratic tyranny? To love thine enemies is not to love their ways. Otherwise the statement would lose promote the loss of philosophical identity in both. In a binary system, 1 and 0 are not similar. One is on, the other is off. One is yes, the other is no. All animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. The reverse is true for plant based life forms. The oxygen we breathe is snatched from water. We drink water for purposes of hydration. Swallowing too much water into one's mouth will kill thee. So be careful how you approach peace in attempt to conjugate the verb masquerading as a noun called the peace process, particularly during that sensitive period in one's life as you cut your wisdom teeth.

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