Cultural Ideology Counts


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A western education for an Islamic true believer only makes him a more efficient and capable jihadi. Western education will not convert or moderate a true believer. It's a mistake to think that these scholastic immigrants already enslaved by an aggressive philosophy like Islam will be able to connect the good things and bounty of the western free world to the principles at the foundation of those nations, particularly when at any given moment the popular culture of that civilization seems hell-bent on its own destruction through feckless greed, trendy idolatries, and willful neglect of those higher values which gave them the platform to exercise those freedoms and advantages.

It's not an accident that the western-style representative republics with their guaranteed protection of minority and individual rights ONLY developed in the West. It's not by chance that ONLY in the western-style representative governments that rule of law is the norm, with due process, an independent judiciary and application of impartial law to enforce contracts and protect property rights has come into being. Just as it's no accident that the nations under sharia law have ended up the way they are. The performance of nations in any objective measurement is due to its institutional systems, and hence we can easily observe disparity in results.

Case in Point: Haiti and the Dominican Republic occupy different halves of the same island. Haiti, under a series of despotic rulers, is a land of squalor virtually unmatched on the planet while the Dominican Republic with its transitional representative democracy, sports beautiful forest reserves and exports cigars and world-class baseball players.

In another example, genetically, the people of India and Pakistan are very similar if not directly related. A major reason for the accelerating success of India and the seething marginalization of Pakistan is the difference in belief systems. The Islamic belief system leads to regression in a bankrupt and fragmented Pakistan while India grows stronger in trading and more educated, while playing well with the free world.

What is the primary cause of such huge disparity in results worldwide?

The answer is simple. Governing belief systems. The third world will continue to experience cholera, genocide, child starvation, oppression of women and minorities and the rest of the preventable tragedies associated with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse until the world as a whole demands more effective and compassionate behavior from local governments. The scourge that plays out in places like Darfur, Sudan, Tehran, Iran and Pyongyong, North Korea will continue as it always has until unenlightened leaders and belief systems used to control peoples are held accountable as the root cause of unnecessary death and destruction.

If the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a founding document of the United Nations, were to be honored by every regime on earth we'd have something to be proud of as members of the human race.

The UN must start enforcing its own standards, subsequently removing members not meeting them. Having a seat at the UN should not be a 'right'. A seat and a voice should be earned through measurable, objective results.

Cultural ideology counts.

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