Confirming the Global Instinct

The following essay found online is offered as a distinction against the ugly notions and scorn many of our enemies take the time to entertain in subversive attack upon our worldview, a worldview aimed at achieving peace, love, and fuller comprehension of our human condition, beginning with freedom and liberty for all peoples. We would hope our strategies would usher in an era of ultimate disarmament and mutually assured co-operation. But we are not fools. We recognize the world to be a dangerous and militant place, and a comprehensive survival strategy can hardly be dismissed in the face of an enemy who would threaten us, enslave us and destroy these aims. We must confirm the global instinct by attempting to explain it.


L-R: Vladimir Putin and Bebe Netanyahu

ZIONISM AND ONLY ZIONISM can save Western civilization. The enemy has the guiding ideology, which is Islamism, but the cowardly, disorganized, disoriented West has none, operating only on the pervasive chaos of opinions, having lost its instinct for survival in the hunt for a PC peace, and is now sliding meekly into downright insanity, actually subordinating itself to Islamism. Zionism or Islamism—this is the stark choice facing the West. Why Zionism? Because people need a guiding ideology, that is above all those thousands of special interests, pulling the Western countries in thousands of different directions, tearing them into thousands of pieces. And why invent a bicycle if one is already available? Zionism is the only "ism" that has proven itself.

Communism is beautiful in theory, but in practice has produced different results, mostly due to its inability to counter human instincts. Gorbachev is a Communist, Dubcek was a Communist, but so were Stalin and Pol Pot.

Nazism does not promise anything good even in theory—only hate, atrocity and genocide. Zionism, however, gave birth to Israel, whose entire history is made of miracles. Contrary to widespread misconception, one does not need to be a Jew to be a Zionist. Zionism is a modern political ideology, only 111 years old, NOT the Jewish religion.

True, it takes its inspiration from the Bible, the Zionist Manifesto of 1897 echoing well-known biblical verses with declarations such as: "Israel shall be light unto nations", and "This world shall be liberated through our liberty". But the Bible is not just the Holy Scripture of the Jewish people, it is its cultural heritage, a treasure trove of historical chronicles and folklore. Zionism is richly spiritual, which is one of the things that distinguishes it from the pig-iron spiritless Communism.

Being a Zionist will not turn someone into a Jew. It is not about religion, it is about setting things right in this world. Robert Spencer had recently commented on the Fascist conference in Europe against Islamisation, rejecting—rightly—any group that espouses racism. But we should not paint all those groups with a broad brush. I wholeheartedly agree with poster Martin who classified Le Pen's National Front as "not OK", and Italy's National Alliance as "OK".

Le Pen is an ultra-Catholic Nazi who cannot be trusted. He is close to Nazi Croats. One can hardly find another European people who were as instrumental as Croats in empowering Islam in Europe in the past century. In 1914, they joined Bosnian Muslims in the "Schutzcorps" organised by Austria to pogrom Serb civilians, even though by the admission of Austrian officials and the German Chancellor Bernhard von Brunow, the assassins of the Archduke were an isolated group, and the Serbian government had absolutely nothing to do with them.

And on June 22, 1941, the Nazi Croat Education Minister Mile Budak declared the "final solution of the Serb question" to rest in this "One-third of them we will kill, one-third expel, and convert the rest into Catholicism". By contrast, the Nazi Croats had united with the Bosnian Muslims and declared them "the flower of the Croatian nation".

Together, they embarked on a frenzy of sadistic torture, mutilation and murder of Serb civilians that was too much even for some Nazi Germans. And the Italian Fascist troops actually turned on the Croats, their fellow Catholics, and shot quite a number of them, saving the lives of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies. Even the Italian Fascists were so uncomparable better than the US military and the militaries of other Western democracies who helped Croat, Bosnian and Albanian Nazis to finish their job on the Serbs much more recently.

Anti-Semitism did not exist in Italy even during Fascism. Which brings me to Gianfranco Fini, a true hero of the Western civilization in this era of cowardice. He is the leader of Italy's National Alliance, the successor to the Fascist party. Even though the Italian Fascists were not guilty of Holocaust, he publicly apologized to the Jewish people for the Fascist past. He then led mass demonstrations in support of Israel. Beautiful! He is a Gentile Zionist without calling himself one.

Zionism is the litmus test. It will separate heroes such as Italy's National Alliance from toxic waste such as Le Pen. Those Fascist groups who are decent should rename themselves Zionist Resistance, and then we can unite with them under the Blue Star, the guiding star for us all. Israel is, indeed, the guiding light for the Western civilization, and we should follow it for our salvation. Another litmus test is Serbia. Those who profess to be anti-Islamist, and yet approve of the massacre of the only armed anti-Muslim resistance in Europe by Islamo-NATO are too convoluted and dark-minded to be of any use at all.

—Ruslan Tokhchukov

Thanks to Mr. Tokchukov for his analysis of some of the more obscure aspects of this 20th century European history. Those of us who are trying to sort out what is true from what is false in struggle to find allies in what we feel is an imminent threat to Western Civilization can always appreciate those who put a finer point on the distinctions we must all make as we continue to seek peace through strength, even though the numbers of those who rally against us often seem insurmountable.

After all—to voice caution when considering illegal immigration is simply human. Human migration has been going on for millennia. The repeating pattern is that a stronger or more numerous population invades or simply displaces a weaker and less numerous one. So naturally, when an established population perceives a foreign population entering its territory in high numbers, the self-preservation instinct revives. High-minded sorts might deplore this instinct as primitive or atavistic, but that doesn't change the fact that it exists, and rather naturally at that.

So who is "morally" right—those who resist extinction, or those who demand it? Is it racist, xenophobic, or nativist not to want to see one's culture and people replaced by another? Perhaps, but it's also ineradicably, biologically, anciently human.

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