Concerning Blasphemy Laws


The Best of Peoples...

Another JW commenter known as James Martel (Charles Martel is the hero of primal European romances because he defeated the Muslim army near Tours in 733) writes with strategic precision:

With the attack by Muslim doctors in the UK, I've seen a number of people who tended to be on the "protect minorities at all costs" start to question whether Muslims are different from your normal immigrant group. And more importantly whether their theology/ideology is dangerous to the common good.

I sometimes shock people with my position that Islam is a parasitical supremacist religion that generates an inferior culture which then is highly reactive and violent towards truly superior cultures which will naturally criticize the belligerent new Muslims. Muslim offensive reactions are part of the religion's constructed method of spreading. Muslims enter a new culture & declare themselves superior.

They do not advance economically due to their belief that their god wills everything (Muslims in business rarely plan, family planning is also rare) and they naturally invite criticism of their troublesome behaviours. The host culture reacts with criticism which is then interpreted as great offensive (Blasphemy) by the Muslim population (how dare inferiors criticize us—we are superior therefore we must not be advancing economically because they hate us.) and functions as a method in which in order to advance Islam through intimidation and violence.

The Islamic advancement formula is simple:

Move in, invite criticism by acting belligerently superior, make religious/cultural choices which invite poverty, use external criticism to justify jihad against the host population's "blasphemy", subdue the host population in dhimmitude, repeat with new host population.

If this is not true, look at how Muslims have related to Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and most any other culture they move into with any significant numbers. Never allow Muslims to introduce blasphemy laws—it is the death of your own culture.

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