Citizen Outburst #855

WHO SAYS THE CHEAP JUNK is cheap for America? This junk is horrid for our economic infrastructure, writes someone I'll just call Citizen. The textile workers all across the south lost their jobs while the fat cats took their business to China, Mexico, and elsewhere for their cheap goods to be sold back here in America.

Take a look at the teen shops for clothing, those $25.00 blouses are absolute junk. When washed tiny holes show up, buttons are gone, why? the weaving is very poor quality and it falls apart. Examine other foreign-made products that fall apart. Contemplate cars fleshed out with aluminum and plastic instead of US Steel.


1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Last week I had a 3-mile an hour bump with a wall, creating extensive damage including the tie rod and such. By contrast, back in 1985 I survived a crash I had in a 1969 Chevy. The front wheel came off, and the car flipped five times; I was going 60 miles an hour. This automobile held together. I was not hurt and the car sustained minor damage. All of the products are being done cheap and cheaper but we are beginning to pay high costs for it, including skyrocketing insurance premiums, et cetera.

Folks. It is time for America to look out for America.

It is time for CEOs and other top executives to take pay cuts; investors' return should return to reasonable dividends instead of millions for pennies of investment. We can bring America back to it's feet again, but for now AMERICANS NEED TO GET ON THEIR KNEES TO GOD AND BE SORRY FOR ALL THE GREED, SELFISH, AND CRAZY "ME ME ME" BEHAVIOR FROM THIS APPROPRIATELY NAMED ME GENERATION.

Whatever happened to neighborhoods having block parties to exchange clothing and such with their neighbors, instead of this ugly garage sales? Face it, America is in trouble due to selfish greed.

Uh, thanks for the input Citizen, but I am left utterly speechless. There seems to be something missing here, I'm just not sure what. What about the rogue wheel of that American-made Chevrolet?

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