Citizen Gripe #783


We don't need your stinking education...

"Grimy jobs that required little education would be replaced with new high tech service jobs requiring university degrees. Citizen Gripe #783 quickly goes to work on that two-bit promise."

ALL THAT DOES IS ELEVATE to necessity a bunch of phony college professors living lavish lifestyles from counterfeit disciplines. Most of them are communists laughing their asses off at the taxes we pay for their so-called service. Very few actually teach: instead they "do research", into such shockingly needful subjects as Native American studies, Black studies, Women studies, Marxism (of course), writing Bowdlerized, fake histories, and let us not forget the all-important studies of the sexual habits of everything that could possibly have sex—really important stuff, that!

None of it is worth a hoot on the open market, but we're supposed to finance their precious "interests" because they are "intellectuals", and you know they are intellectuals because—well—they say so. They hardly ever cease saying so. Phooey!

Any time now we can stop insisting that every living human being go to college. Most jobs require that you show up, be willing to learn, get along with others, and keep your nose clean; you can learn that in kindergarten. Corporations can teach the rest on the job, and you can spend your spare time looking for an honest history text so that you can discover things for yourself, like "there is no free lunch": Real History proves it.

Trying to replace real, productive work with collectivism is what keeps banana republics poor and in the grip of a few politicians and their buddies. That's where we're headed.

Thanks! I needed that. Where the voice of America meets the wall of silence. Besides grimy jobs need to get done also. There are some really inexperienced intellectuals operating without a net out there. Nah, you're right. They all have safety nets. But what they need is a short rope.

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