China Cautions Against Devaluation

Hello America? Were you paying attention as you bought all that cheap garden equipment? China owns part of you. Saudi Arabia has scrambled for whatever's left. You, however, still get to speak English, for now.


China Flushes Obama

CHINA IS TELLING THE US to be careful, not to overspend and keep an eye on the dollar. "There are risks that China cannot control, so they're depending on the U.S. to maintain fiscal prudence and keep the dollar reasonably stable to prevent devaluation." said Kelvin Lau, regional economist at Standard Chartered in Hong Kong.

Analysts estimate China keeps nearly half of its $2 trillion in foreign currency reserves in U.S. Treasuries and notes issued by other government-affiliated agencies.

"Inside China there has been a lot of debate about whether they should continue to buy Treasuries," said Frank Gong, chief China economist for JP Morgan.

Beijing is trying to increase its leverage at the London G-20 meeting by reminding its partners of its role in financing U.S. spending, Gong said.

"Without China's buying (Treasuries) and continuing to fund U.S. deficit spending, interest rates could have been much higher. That could be very destabilizing in this very recessionary environment," he said. "By attracting a lot of attention to this issue, China is already increasing its influence ahead of the G-20 meeting."

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