Cheating On The Litmus Test


Where once was sand and rock, Israel blooms despite its enemies.

When Middle Eastern Muslims speak of "peace" what they really mean is the annihilation of Israel. They announce with nuanced fervor "the Jews stole our land" but this bit of moral subterfuge is as much a lie as their delusion that Kuffirs "steal our oil."

Last time I looked, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, the UAE and others were making a killing off the West, building grand monuments to their own egos and flexing their militant nee religious muscles as a result of this sudden lucre in their midst, and salivating for more. Prior to 1948, the Zionists, by and large, bought marginal real estate (Tel-Aviv was sand dunes) from the large Arab landowners. The Arabs got top price for the real estate. Many Arab land sellers then antagonized the average Arab with denunciations about the Jews coming into the area.

The real objection that these Arabs nurse to the hilt is that Jews should dare create, much less prosper, a non-Dhimmi state of their own in Dar-al-Islam at all. Hence the 1948 war and all subsequent hostilities.

Though Zionism is essentially a defensive ideology (as opposed to offensive Islam), at some point Israel will have to become extremely aggressive in order to survive. The Arabs have consistently underestimated the Mideast Jews who relocated there, as well as the Holocaust survivors who fled to Israel. "Never again," means "never again".

Just yesterday, a Jewish friend of mine, Ed Rindler, a 20-year anti-terrorism veteran of the US State Department recently returned from a vacation in Israel and Jordan. Ed made several remarks or gave answers to questions I posed that seemed at odds with each other. First of all, when I asked did he feel safe, he answered affirmatively. But he also added that as a secular Jew, he found himself empathizing and actually becoming more of a Zionist with time as reports of missles lobbed into Israel every day he was there took root in his psyche, echoing the "Never again" sentiment.

He was also amazed that when riding in the country, one could immediately spot whether he was approaching an Israeli village or a Arab one. The tell-tale sign was simple green grass. Of the billions of dollars in foreign aid sent to Palestine few of them ever get into the ground except with the death of one of the corrupt pocket-lined officials. But missles? Oh yes, the Arabs have AN ABUNDANCE of them.

Sort of like cheating on the litmus test of success, isn't it...

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