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The Hosquatch List

HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW the patriotic American red, white and blue backdrop at "presidential" appearances is now often replaced by the Islamic gold drapes?

Have you noticed that the family dog, Bo, flies on a separate jet? (Dogs are considered "unclean" in Islam.)

Did you notice that the Obama family observes Muslim holidays but not Christian holidays?

Did you notice that President Barack H. Obama had his photograph taken with his feet atop his desk and the soles of his shoes on display when he was talking on the phone to PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel? ( That was a signal to the Muslim world that he was "dissing" the "dirty Jew". )

Have you noticed that Obama's administration usually sides with the Muslims in any dispute, especially disputes involving Israel?

Have you noticed that the Islamic book is "the HOLY Quran" but the Christian Bible is never referred to as "holy"...?

Did you notice that Obama referred to the Quran as being "revealed"...?

Do you agree that there is no more beautiful sound than the Muslim call to prayer in the morning?

Did you notice that John Brennan, Obama's National Security advisor, referred to Jerusalem as "al Quds", the Arabic name? (Brennan studied in Egypt, and may himself be a Muslim convert.)

Did you know that Obama has Islamic front groups training the US military in sensitivity to Islam?

Did you notice how the Ft. Hood shooting has been swept under the rug, since the shooter was a Muslim?

Did you know that Jeremiah Wright, Obama's former pastor, was closely associated with Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, and that they traveled together to Libya to visit with Muammar Qaddafy?

Did you know they have shrines in Kenya, celebrating Obama's birth there?

Did you know that Obama's paternal grandmother claims that she witnessed his birth there?

Have you seen Obama's Kenyan longform birth certificate, signed by the British registrar who was in office at that time in Kenya?

How much more proof do you need about who, and what, this illegitimate "president" really is?

Have "we" elected the enemy?

Thanks, Hosquatch. Meanwhile, I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh quiz Donald Trump right now on his, Limbaugh's, radio show. Trump continues to spike my interest by asking the right questions about the current American crisis. For instance, why is a chunky 40% of the US defense budget essentially foreign aid? Why do we continue to spend billions in largesse on keeping our troops in Japan, Germany, South Korea, and now much of the Middle East? After the Second World War, Europe was able to build their titular social welfare states largely because they paid little for their own national defense, instead relying on US strength for safekeeping. With unrest on our southern border, and enemies within and abroad, we seriously need to rethink our approach and contributions to world stability. I don't know if Trump will answer the call of the presidency, or even if he can sustain the blistering gamesmanship a national campaign will certainly require of him, a man accustomed to making and having his own tactful way in the world of entrepreneurial business branding, and bravado. But how easy is it to concede that we can count on a hefty block of jubilant Tea Partiers ripe in the mood to pull that level, punch that chad, or mark the bleeping box that empowers them with the whiplash phrase, "You're fired!" that worked so well in 2010, they might as well fall in with the Donald who made it famous.

On the other hand, the basic Trump tends to champion the fabulously rich and famous, although he claims not to get along with the rich but instead gets along better with the middle class. Sounds like he's merely restating the fact that he finds it easier to get his own way with the underclasses than he does with those who might not give a damn, and have nothing to gain by kissing up. Nothing sinister with that. Just pointing out the obvious. All told though, there's no telling yet just how a President Trump will measure our nation's problems.

President Obama's New Best Friends

AS WE ABSORB THE SECRETS OF TREASON we continue to witness, some in this nation have begun to wonder how long until talk of impeachment moves from the shadows of a stunned but still alert public onto the floor of the newly invigorated House of Representatives now that Barack Obama has publically endorsed a role for the Muslim Brotherhood in a new, post-Mubarak government for Egypt.

Rumors, and rumors of those rumors can be found in the secondary media.

This should come as no surprise. Mr. Obama has behaved consistently all along, from his refusal to back the protesters in Iran, who were demonstrating against an oppressive Islamic Republic, to his backing of these protesters in Egypt, to whom he has just given a green light to establish a government that, given numerous historical precedents, will likely be the precursor to an Islamic Republic.

"The Muslim Brotherhood is a global movement whose members cooperate with each other throughout the world, based on the same religious worldview—the spread of Islam until it rules the all-encompassing Islamic organization, calling for the adoption of the great religion that Allah gave in his mercy to humanity..all the members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the international arena operate according to the written charter that states that Jihad is the only way to achieve these goals...ours is the largest organization in the world."
—Muhammad Mahdi 'Akef
Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Asharq Alawsat
London 11/11/05

(The United States is) "a satan that abuses the religion. I expect America to collapse soon. I have complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America."
—Akef, Memri 2/4/2004

Allegory: the Cave of the Mama Grizzly

Palin strikes perfect pitch in a crowd of Republican voters...

Into the midst of all this pent-up political need steps up the Mama Grizzly named Sarah Palin, and she hails from resource-rich hinterlands of Alaska. "I so admire Taranto," writes Clarice Feldman of the American Thinker, "and I think that of all the good explanations I read this week of the hatred directed at [Sarah] Palin and the derangement respecting her views and conduct, his comes the closest to the mark.

"Yes, many liberal women irrationally hate Palin, but I think they hate her because her very life is dragging them into the sunshine, where they have momentarily lost their way. Right now, Palin's very life is an affront to them—she's beautiful, powerful, and the center of a large family—and most of them are not.

"It will take these people some time to see that it is their own views and conduct, not Palin's, that is responsible for the distinction. Moreover, I think liberal women are not alone in this temporary mental disordering. I think others at first will hate Palin for taking them into the blinding light, but that with time and more media stunts like last week's, they and the Times and USA Today readers, the present consumers of the medias' distortions, will get some glimpses of life outside the cave and come to realize the distinction between truth and reality on one hand and projected lies and make-believe on the other."

As someone posted earlier on a different thread, (perhaps it was you, Clarice?), "my dad always said, dogs don't chase parked cars."

Meanwhile, Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City, an unrepentant liberal, this week has published an article defending Sarah Palin against the continued crriticism his own party levels at her:

In the 2008 presidential race when Sarah Palin's name was first offered to the public by John McCain as his running mate, I said at the time that she "scared the hell out of me." My reference was to the content of her remarks, not to her power to persuade voters.

It was McCain who lost the presidential election, not Palin. Since that time she has established that she has enormous power to persuade people. A self-made woman who rose from PTA mother to Governor of Alaska, she is one of the few speakers in public life who can fill a stadium. Her books are enormous successes. Her television program about Alaska has been a critical and economic success. When Sarah Palin addresses audiences, they rise to their feet in support and applause. She is without question a major leader of the far right faction in the Republican Party and its ally the Tea Party. She is Mama Grizzly writ large.

Ed Koch
Ed Koch, former NYC mayor

I repeat my earlier comment that she "scares the hell out of me." Nevertheless, she is entitled to fair and respectful treatment. The fools in politics today in both parties are those who think she is dumb. I've never met her, but I've always thought that she is highly intelligent but not knowledgeable in many areas and politically uninformed. I don't believe she will run for president in 2012 or that she would be elected if she did. But I do believe she is equal in ability to many of those in the Republican Party seeking that office.

Many women understand what she has done for their cause. She will not be silenced nor will she leave the heavy lifts to the men in her Party. She will not be falsely charged, remain silent, and look for others—men—to defend her. She is plucky and unafraid.

While I disagree with her and I am prepared to oppose her politically, in the spirit of longed-for civility I say, Ms. Palin you are in a certain sense an example of the American dream: You have the courage to stand up and present your vision of America to its people. Your strength and lack of fear make America stronger and are examples to be emulated by girls and boys, men and women who are themselves afraid to speak up. You provide the example that they need for self-assurance.

Sarah Palin is the right person, at the right time, in the right country. . . our country the great United States of America.

Sarah Palin's Buoyant March To Washington

A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO former Republican Party VP candidate, Sarah Palin, is a recent YouTube sensation. The video went viral Monday, burning up Twitter and popping up on various news and entertainment websites.

The tribute song is set to the tune of the famous Civil War-era 'Battle Hymn of the Republic.' According to credits posted on YouTube, the song was written by Tom Dempsey and sung by Gary Mcvay.

The song is an anthem to Sarah Palin in particular, and the Tea Party in general, although the song is not officially affiliated with Gov. Palin nor her organization in any way.

Sarah Palin's Hymn of the Republic Lyrics:

She’s a cold blast from Alaska,
Ingrained with common sense.
She’s not a Harvard lawyer,
but she knew what the Founders meant.
A cold blast from the North,
That freezes Congress in their tracks.
With God and the Tea party, she’s gonna take it back.
Sarah Palin, she won’t listen to their bunk.
Sarah Palin’s coming south to hunt some skunk.
Sarah Palin, she’ll throw them all in jail.
And when she gets to Washington, it’ll be cold as hell.
Sarah has the wisdom to walk through an open door.
She’s stomping out the wretches where the evil lies in store.
She will scrub the floors and sweep the riff-raff into cracks.
With God and the Tea party, she’s gonna take it back.
Sarah Palin, she won’t listen to their bunk.
Sarah Palin’s coming south to hunt some skunk.
Sarah Palin, she’ll throw them all in jail.
And when she gets to Washington, it’ll be cold as hell.

Congress pats themselves from some new bill they just passed.
I watch as my freedom slowly runs through an hourglass.
They think they spend our money better than we do.
But they can talk until they’re blue and old.
Cos if they ever gave us anything,
They always wanted something in return, Sarah knows.
Sarah's marching on on.

Closing dedication:
“I’d like to dedicate that to the Tea Party and all the patriots.”

Ilood libel speech? Who cares? Today has been a fabulous day for SP fans, and here's part two of that fabulous in an article posted by Adam Katz of the Generative Anthropology Summer Conference:

"I will lay down a marker right away—for me, the main criterion for supporting a Presidential candidate is that he or she knows what the left is; anyone who thinks that a Republican president will be able to settle into the White House in 2013, put on the green eyeshades, and start balancing the budget in a sober, bipartisan manner is criminally naïve, and I don’t want anyone like that anywhere near the Presidency."

Sarah Palin

Normal America and free America are at war with the Left, and anyone one who is not ready to fire back when fired at need not apply. Sarah Palin seems to know what the Left is, and none of her potential contenders seems to have a clue. At this moment, the ability to create and run a political and economic media empire is more pertinent to presidential aspirations than the ability to balance a budget with your bare hands, which you can hire someone to do anyway.

But leaving that aside, Palin, and the Palin phenomenon are intrinsically interesting—there seems to be widespread agreement on that, at any rate. She, in her public persona, seems to me an almost perfect complement to Barack Obama, and the Obama phenomenon—she seems destined to be his nemesis, a role she seems to relish and which she plays very well. I think an Obama v. Palin race in 2012 would dramatize all the post-Bush, indeed, all the post-9/11 conflicts; even more, it would finally bring the entire Progressive Era in our politics, dating back to the turn of the 20th century, on the stage—and I think this would be both very healthy and incredibly exciting. We desperately need such a polarization now, and it would be nice to deal a blow to the illusions of the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal center” of the country. I don’t doubt that there are many Americans, maybe, depending upon definitions, a majority, who can be described as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal”; nor do I doubt that in a certain sense they are the “center,” picking and suturing together the least antagonistic items of both right and left.

It’s an empty center, though, and a campaign that showed as much by forcing the “centrists” to choose would be healthy as well—if you support the kind of judicially driven federal government needed to push through and sustain the “socially liberal” agenda, than you can forget about fiscal conservatism. Fiscal conservatism would mean federalism and expanded property rights, both of which, as the politically savvy know, mean death to “social liberalism,” i.e., abortion on demand, gay marriage and religion out of the public sphere. And I might as well also say that I can’t say the word “gravitas” without, at the very least, smiling. I think that things are going to get rough, especially if the prerogatives of those plugged into the victimary public arena are even mentioned, much less trespassed upon—we need someone whose first instinct isn’t to placate the New York Times.

Read it all. And here is another Katz exploration into the amazing Obama-Palin dichotomy.

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill

We are fortunate to be able to peel back the layers of time to find that dual juggernauts Winston Churchill and George Orwell summed up so-called intellectuals so succinctly, how they are a weakening force because firstly everyone assumes what they say is right because they've got a reputation as intellectuals, even when they're wrong, and that believing these intellectuals can have such dire consequences. He said it about Britain but it could so easily be any Western country today. Here's what Winston Churchill said about them 78 years ago:

"Historians have noticed, all down the centuries, one peculiarity of the English people, which has cost them dear. We have always thrown away after a victory the greater part of the advantages we had gained in the struggle. The worst difficulties from which we suffer do not come from without. They come from within. They do not come from the cottages of the wage earners; they come from a peculiar type of brainy people, always found in our country, who, if they add something to its culture, take much from its strength. Our difficulties come from the mood of unwarrantable self-abasement, into which we have been cast, by a powerful section of our own intellectuals. They come from the acceptance of defeatist doctrines by a large proportion of our politicians. But what have they to offer, but a vague internationalism, a squalid materialism, and the promise of impossible utopias? Nothing can save England if she will not save herself. If we lose faith in ourselves, in our capacity to guide and govern, if we lose our will to live, then indeed our story is told." – Winston Churchill, 1933

Of course, words being words, and the bird's the word, George Orwell, Dwight D Eisenhower and Albert Camus summed up the so-called intellectual elite, a group of talkers and writers who often mistake their years of practice and subsequent compensation for a certain collegial profundity of thought whenever they open their mouths or commit their pens and keyboards with these jostling texts:

  • You must be an intellectual. Only an intellectual could say something so stupid. —George Orwell
  • An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. —Albert Camus
  • I heard a definition of an intellectual, that I thought was very interesting: a man who takes more words than are necessary to tell more than he knows. —Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Cult Of Disappointment

Not the Decider But The Vacationer

SHOSE AMERICANS WHO VOTED FOR POTUS Obama have not walked away from him. Those who voted against him were never in the room. Those who voted against George Bush and Hank Paulson and the cranky, weary, predictably puckish John McCain are newly persuaded that there was no credible choice in 2008. The rookie or the train-wreck?

Fourteen months later, it is more clear that the Obamanation crowd chose their idea of the UnBush, and instead what they got was an UnAware. POTUS does not register how much polling trouble his party is in.

Those voters have now turned not into a big-hearted pumpkin awaiting their shining prince to carry them off into the Brave New World where no adults are allowed but into a steady drift of dead-eyed wanderers, perfectly ripened pickings for the ever so embracing cult of disappointment.

The red ink in the 2011 fiscal budget has ended all the dreams for Obamanation as well as the last-ditch McCainiacs. What remains is receivership, or something like it, reorganized Federal spending and paying off the debts without taking on new ones. The debts are the end of disappointment. Time to clean out the two-car garage called Congress.

Read it all.

Note From Congressman Frank Wolf

This letter arrived today from esteemed Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA-10th District). We very much appreciate his continued advocacy for local safety issues, human rights around the globe, as well as his repeated efforts to inspire the current administration to remember its promise for transparent government, promised by the candidate, and often touted by the new president with little or no change from the business as usual model Americans have come to loathe from both parties.

The congressman's report:

Dear Friends,

Congress is deep into the appropriations season. The House has passed seven of the 12 FY 2010 spending bills, with five more on course for consideration before the annual August congressional recess. This week the House will vote on the Energy and Water, and Financial Services appropriations. The Transportation-Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations subcommittee on which I serve approved the THUD bill Monday evening, and that bill should be on the House floor later this month.

Transportation Improvements

frank wolf
Frank Wolf (VA-R)
The transportation spending bill approved by the subcommittee includes another $85 million for the Dulles Corridor Metrorail extension project.  This latest installment would bring the total federal share for the project to date to over $440 million. I am hopeful that both the full House and Senate will include this funding in the final version of the spending bill to continue the federal share for this critical project.  A national report earlier this month ranked the Washington, D.C., metro area as having the second worst traffic congestion in the nation, a dubious distinction that the area has held for a number of years.  Mass transit in the Dulles corridor is critical to relieving congestion on busy roads and will connect the nation‚s capital to one of the world‚s leading international airports.

My recent efforts also have focused on two transportation safety issues.  In light of the tragic accident that occurred on June 22 on Metro's Red Line, the Washington region‚s congressional delegation has worked together to secure $150 million in the FY 2010 transportation spending bill for Metro safety and maintenance improvements.  This funding would be matched by Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

The state's decision to close a number of rest areas on interstate highways in the Commonwealth is also of deep concern, and my letter to Governor Kaine urges the state to reconsider the decision. I fear that fatigued drivers, especially long-haul truckers, without convenient places to pull off the highway could increase the risks for accidents. This is a safety issue and the state has a responsibility to the hundreds of thousands of drivers on Virginia's highways to resolve this matter.

Attorney General Is Stonewalling

Earlier this year, President Obama stated that he ran "for president promising transparency, and I meant what I said. That is why, whenever possible, we will make information available to the American people so that they can make informed judgments and hold us accountable. My intention is to hold him and his appointees to his word.

As you will recall, I have been trying to get answers from Attorney General Eric Holder on the Justice Department's (DOJ) plans for the disposition of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay.  After waiting 118 days for a response to my letters of March 13, April 23, and May 13, my office received only a cursory acknowledgment from the department on July 7 that failed to answer a single question.  Similar questions from members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have similarly been dismissed or gone unanswered.  The attorney general's blatant obstruction of this most basic responsibility leads me to question this administration's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Mr. Holder's failure to explain his decision to dismiss a recent voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party is also of great concern. Both the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and I have sent letters to the department seeking an explanation. My office has also called on the House Judiciary Committee and the DOJ inspector general to investigate this matter.

Disappointing Effort on Human Rights

My concerns are growing regarding the Obama administration's failure to date to champion human rights as a central part of American foreign policy.  My statement in the *Congressional Record* highlights those concerns, specifically with the administration's dealings with China, Cuba, Sudan, Egypt, North Korea, Vietnam, Iran and Russia. I was quick to criticize the Bush administration when its public rhetoric in the human rights arena failed to match its action. But in this new, young administration, it seems even the rhetoric is absent. 

I hope this information is helpful. For more on these and other issues, please visit my website. Please continue to share your views on matters of interest to you.

Best wishes,

Frank Wolf

The Work Of Good Journalism

“My job is to make this Obama administration a success. It should be the job of all journalists to make this administration look good because we are due for a successful Presidency.”

—Chris Matthews

Now, why exactly would that be, Mister Hardball? In the tank, ya think?

Let's go to the tape. It's Alaska. The election is over. Sarah is home. So what happens? A media type asks why Governor Palin didn’t give more interviews in the beginning, and she says: “You know that rumor about me ‘going rogue’? That’s because I was trying to sneak phone calls to some of you in the media…that’s what that was about.”

This woman has spunk and natural grip. As for good journalism, I guess now one just signs up with the local team.