Why Islam Is Different

"This is America. That means that if a religious organization legally sets up shop it must be accepted. Why the hate against Islam alone?" uch is often the earnest query put to those who work in the American Resistance to stop the Islamization of our republic. The following is another excellent retort posted orginally at Jihad Watch by the eminently learned Hugh Fitzgerald: OH, I CAN ANSWER THAT, as an atheist—just like Pat Condell, Oriana Fallaci, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and many others— just like you. Only, not like you, Pat Condell, and Oriana Fallaci, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, understand perfectly...

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War Theories & Wet Nurses

Three opinions. 1. I hate to tell you, but it's not 1624 anymore. In 1624, due to a wide variety of historical factors that are no longer present, rulers of a population were far more able to retain a chokehold on that population. Today's rulers do not have the command over their population that the Algerian pasha did. The Algerian pasha controlled the government, had formed an alliance with the pirates, and was holding Dutch prisoners in state prison. The dynamic between the terrorists/insurgents and national leaders is far more complex today (except in Pakistan, where Musharraf has allied with...

Hijacking The Al-Qaeda Operations Manual

ES, WE ARE AT WAR, a very long and protracted war, even though it seems we are inviting disaster and our own defeat with our open borders, stupifying immigration policies, and irrational political correctness on all things Muslim, echoing down from the president, most of Congress, and the pro-active enemies in our midst, but this is the real thing, folks. Originally posted on the FBI website, you can read most of the official Al-Qaeda operations manual here at the Disaster Center site. Posted are Lessons 1-12, and number 18.