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Destroying The Nation State

By Alan W. Dowd published by

Buried deep in a recent Washington Post piece deriding former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s penchant for firing off memos, we find this morsel:

At least some opposition...

Are we in a period of time that is busy destroying the nation state? In one of his longer ruminations, in May 2004, Rumsfeld considered whether to redefine the terrorism fight as a ‘worldwide insurgency.’ The goal of the enemy, he wrote, is to ‘end the state system, using terrorism, to drive the non-radicals from the world.’ Love him or hate him, Rumsfeld was right about this. He was also consistent, recognizing that the jihadists’ worldwide insurgency—or global guerilla war, if you prefer—is not the only challenge to the nation-state system. In fact, Rumsfeld also spoke at length about international institutions that undermine the nation-state system.

“We see respect for states’ sovereignty eroding,” he said during a 2003 conference in Germany. “We see it, in my view, in the International Criminal Court’s claim of authority to try the citizens of countries that have not consented to ICC jurisdiction…We see it in the new Belgian law purporting to give Belgian courts ‘universal jurisdiction’ over alleged war crimes anywhere in the world.”

Rumsfeld understood that the erosion of sovereignty “absolves states of their responsibilities to deal with problems within their borders.” Or within their neighborhood: As historian William Pfaff wrote of Europe’s Balkan debacle in the 1990s, international organizations such as the United Nations and European Community (forerunner to the European Union) “proved an obstacle to action, by inhibiting individual national action and rationalizing the refusal to act nationally.”

Of course, some governments prove by their actions that they are simply not capable of governing—or not worthy of governing. “We need to be able to hold states accountable for their performance,” Rumsfeld explained. In other words, states either have to police what happens inside their borders or open themselves to outside intervention.

States like Lebanon and Iraq and the Philippines that strive to control what happens inside their borders but are too weak to overcome our common enemies deserve our help. States like Pakistan that play games with sovereignty—claiming they are too weak to control their territories in one breath but then invoking their sovereign and inviolable borders the next—don’t. States like Syria and Iran that refuse to respect international borders or international norms—and terrorist groups like the PKK, al Qaeda and their kind that thrive on anarchy and partner with rogue regimes—must be treated as enemies, no matter how risky. And states like Somalia and too many of her neighbors in Africa are so broken that they need not just external intervention, but international administration.

In short, Rumsfeld understood that the nation-state system is under assault from two unrelated sources—international, supra-state organizations and transnational, terrorist organizations. Both seek a stateless world, although their visions for what such a world would look like are dramatically different. After all, one is utopian, the other dystopian.

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The French Solution (Or The United Nations Rocks!)

Peacekeepers in the Big Apple
THE FRENCH SOLUTION LIVES! The French pride themselves on being French. The French Republic is a charter member of the United Nations and one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Jihadists worldwide love the UN. Muslims use the UN as a battering ram against Israel and the USA. The UN is less than worthless in its role as peacekeeper. Worthless would mean the UN would look the other way as both sides violate its resolutions. But as usual, they blatantly favor one side.

The routine goes like this. The media reports that the French UN forces almost fired on flyover Israeli jets in southern Lebanon, indicating once again that the UN peacekeepers will enforce nothing in the UN cease fire resolution that impacts on Hezbollah who is busy re-arming to match its strong vitriolic sloganeering, but they will go to "couragious" lengths in trying to enforce the restraints put on Israel as French officials announced yesterday that "thanks to the sangfroid of French soldiers...our troops barely avoided a catastrophe."

Really? I would have thought the French soldiers knew perfectly well the Israelis had no intention of firing on them, or indeed firing at all. If it took "sangfroid" to refrain from firing, rather than mere common sense, then someone is keeping a secret about French loyalties.

The self-congratuling statement was further reduced to comic relief when one online wit summed up the prevailing French attitude—as grotesque. The bravery of inaction. Awards ceremony forthcoming.

More response to the incident from a fellow who calls himself Ronin writes:

"This persitant problem actually has a very simple solution. The Palestinians want their own state and France apparently thinks they deserve it and are willing to risk their troops if necessary. All we have to do is declare France the New Palestine. I for one would kick in a few bucks in the name of world peace (to help move them). The French get their wish and become a Muslim safe haven. The Palestinians get their own state. Israel gets some much needed breathing room. The USA can take none of the credit. Everyone wins."

These French "peacekeepers" are so concerned about Hezbollah's ability to freely operate within Lebanon, to the point of claiming that they'll fire upon Israeli planes. Meanwhile, their OWN COUNTRY is being eaten from the inside by "angry, disenfranchised youths" (AKA freshly minted Jihadists).

Insanity is prevailing in France. They hate the US so much that they've rejected all aspects of our country, to the detriment of their own national and cultural self-interests. They've rejected the US to the point of embracing our enemies—who are in the process of weakening beyond all recognition their own nation.

The French leadership appear to have gone completely mad. At least they "fought like soldiers" in the early years of World War II. They were quite poorly led, using antiquated strategies leading to their quick defeat, but they fought for a few weeks against the Nazi blitzkreg.

Now, they won't even acknowledge that there's a war raging within their own borders. They're incapable of grasping their nation's future hangs in the balance, as it burns before their very eyes. They've gone stark-raving mad.

As I see it France has two possible futures—Sharia with bells or oppressive stage Communism crimped to a knuckle, both futures of their own making and with the latter following directly on the clicking heels of the former.