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The Veil, The Mask of Islamic Supremacy, Folly, and Failure

Beautiful Soccer Fan (No Veil)
The polarized debate over full-face veils in Great Britain is turning ugly. "This could be the trigger for the grim spiral that produced riots in the north of England five years ago," says Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission For Racial Equality in the UK.

Jack Straw, Leader of the House of Commons, recently sparked a media debate by saying he preferred women not to wear full-face veils at meetings in his constituency because he believed they made communication difficult.

After years of western leaders bending to Muslim demands, British leaders are daring to suggest theat the polarised situation over race and religion is riskeing a repeat of the Burnley and Oldham riots, adding: "We saw it in France last year where the French allowed north African communities to grow up completely separately, not feeling French."

"Eventually that frustration, that exclusion boiled over into the kind of car burning we saw last year—I do not want that for Britain."

Of course, any Muslim response is typically self-serving and one-sided. Massoud Shadjareh, from the lobby group the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told the BBC that "ministers after ministers after ministers" had been attacking the Muslim community recently, which was unfair and "not a means of respectable dialogue".

"I have to say the Muslim community really has been extremely calm, and extremely responsible," he said. Muslim Council of Britain secretary general Muhammad Abdul Bari said the integration debate had become "increasingly shrill and ugly", accusing Phillips of having a "poor track record" on this issue and criticised him for not mentioning recent attacks against Muslims which "accompanied this so-called debate".

Muslim Council of Britain secretary general Muhammad Abdul Bari said: "We have seen veils being forcefully pulled off Muslim women and Muslim individuals, including an imam in Glasgow, badly beaten up by thugs.

Reality check. Unfamiliar customs do make people uncomfortable. People of all tribes and tribulations. So Muslim women who live in Europe should strongly consider the consequences of wearing the veil before they pick up and tear across the globe seeking asylum. There seems to be a groundswell of well-intentioned folks who are sick of this acquiescent multicultural crap at the cost of all common sense.

Melanie Phillips, in her book, "Londonstan: How Britain Is Creating A Terror State Within" is not shy in assailing the damage multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration has done to England and its once proud institutions, now paralysed by political correctness and the fear of being labelled racist and xenephobic.

If one is to survive in a modern society then one must expect to to make accomodations to it just as those of us who live in modern societies make accomodations to backward, sexist, pre-industrial conventions when we travel. No one is forcing these women to dress like Madonna the Material Girl, but it is not unreasonable to expect people to be recognizable on the street, in the courts, and on pieces of identification like a driver’s license.
But over and over again, we are told how "uncomfortable" certain immigrants with a certain religious purity feel when encountered with the strange stares they receive. We are not talking about violent attacks here. Nothing of that sort should be tolerated, on either side of any divide. But time and time again, in one European country after another, it is the Muslims who are demanding peculiar accommodations and psychological crutches, while also committing the most atrocious crimes against host nation citizenry and getting away with it while natives are prosecuted with impunity for the so-called "hurt" feelings of an Islamic passive aggressive. This is called extortion. Here's an example:

A Muslim teaching assistant who sparked a political storm after she refused to remove her veil during lessons, has won her employment tribunal case for victimization against the school which suspended her but lost her claims for discrimination and harassment. Ms Azmi was awarded £1,000 for "injury to feelings" after she succeeded in her claim of victimization. But her claims of direct and indirect discrimination, and her claim of harassment, were dismissed.

Woman In Burqa
Let's review: when one moves to a new culture, guess what? You should expect to feel uncomfortable once in a while. Hell—I feel uncomfortable in too damn many places right here in America. Should I have the right to riot or sue the britches off the social stratum that makes me feel isolated, inferior, or downright scared?

And how about all these Western visitors to Muslim countries forced to take to scarf, et cetera.

If these Muslim women and their husbands and religious leaders find the idea of leaving one's face uncovered in public and during conversation unthinkable then they should be escorted to a part of the world where a gal can get back to basics and throw a burkha over herself and enjoy regular public beatings when she exposes an ankle.

If one is to survive in a modern society then one must expect to to make accomodations to it just as those of us who live in modern societies make accomodations to backward, sexist, pre-industrial conventions when we travel. No one is forcing these women to dress like Madonna the Material Girl, but it is not unreasonable to expect people to be recognizable on the street, in the courts, and on pieces of identification like a driver's license.

That's the least one can do, or else we might ALL be facing this very soon with grave consequences.

As one wit put it, "There are perfectly reasonable, modern ways for a woman who wants to make a display of her piety to cover herself, but when it comes to completely blocking but for a narrow slit the loveliness that is woman, there are a million places on this planet where this behavior is welcomed and most of them are served by non-stop daily flights. By all means, get on one, now. And the kicker. Covering one's whole body with a burqa or one's face with a veil is not even mentioned in the Qur'an, but is an extreme version of an indoctrinated and ruthlessly enforced modesty. That uncomfortable black (usually) stretch of cloth is a social weapon and a psychological result of a misogynous culture notoriously called Islam, The Religion of Submission.

Originally published on October 23, 2006. A Project Scenewash repost.

Lord of the Flies Incarnate

Sharia Blood sport
Blood sport
SHARIAH OR ISLAMIC LAW IS A TACTIC OF DOMINATION which prescribes barbaric beheading, lashing, amputations, stoning, and other horrendous crimes against humanity for petty acts or pardonable choices by individuals in a civil society is "cruel and unusual punishment" and therefore already banned in the United States of America by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

We know South Carolina has a bill in its senate written to ban shariah law in that state, and can only trust that all necessary means will be used to get the bill passed since it is apparent our federal government has chosen to fail us, focussed as it is on becoming the centerpiece of the new world order where America has fallen and become just another socialist state operating under an increasing Islamist sway.

So while we realize it will take a gaggle of attorneys, a fistful of judges, and big bags of juicy gold-plated promises placed neatly into the bank accounts of connivers everywhere to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, to call evil out by name, we sincerely trust that you will support this bill to ban Shariah law as being against not only our American heritage, but against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Let's stamp this misery out wherever we find it. Shariah is not religion. It is LORD OF THE FLIES incarnate...

Schoolhouse Sharia At Odds With Public Relations

Mullah Kisses Boy
A RECENT PEW RESEARCH poll shows American attitudes about Islam trending toward accepting the narrative that organizations like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are peddling. This narrative includes the propositions that Islam is and historically has been a religion of peace and that Muslims are the victims of a great deal of discrimination in this country.

Not coincidentally, this faulty narrative is being peddled in many of our public schools. Small wonder more and more Americans are falling for it. Several months ago the ACT! for America Mission Viejo (CA) chapter completed an eye-opening report about the disinformation and outright propaganda showing up in US public school curricula and textbooks that deal with Islam. The Scenewash Project has reported frequently on this topic, but our opinions pale in comparison to the Orwellian "newspeak" that has recently been handed down by California's education establishment with respect to teaching Islamic studies. For instance, as reported in the Investors Business Daily editorial below:

...the suggested framework glorifies Shariah as a liberal reform movement that "rejected" the mistreatment of women that existed in Arabia before Muhammad and his successors conquered the region, according to Accuracy in Academia. The guidelines claim that Islamic law established for the first time that men and women were entitled to equal "respect."

This astonishing example of historical revisionism is just one more reason why we communicate such a sense of urgency to you about the rapid advance of radical Islam and creeping shariah here in the United States. Our window to build the organized resistance to defeat this is not twenty or thirty years long—it is more like five to ten at best.

Over the past two decades college campuses have become hotbeds for pro-Islamist, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-American indoctrination. This has now made its way into our public high schools and middle schools.

If an entire generation of American students are successfully indoctrinated with lies, such as that shariah Islamic law established that men and women were entitled to equal respect, the chances that we can successfully roll back the rising tide of radical Islam dim immensely.

As Adolf Hitler is reported to have said to the adults in Germany, "I care not what you think...I have the children."

Recently, Fox News reported that the head of CIE—now known as the Institute on Religion and Civic Values—misled California education authorities about his academic credentials. For one, Shabbir Mansuri never received a USC degree in chemical engineering as he has claimed, Fox says.

The group's Web site no longer includes the claim. These are the folks who are teaching your children about Islam in public schools. Parents have protested, even sued, but to no avail.

For example, parents of seventh-graders in the San Francisco area, who after 9/11 were taught pro-Islamic lessons as part of California's world history curriculum, sued under the First Amendment ban on religious establishment. They argued, reasonably, that the government was promoting Islam by mandating that their kids participate in Muslim role-playing exercises such as designing prayer rugs, taking an Arabic name and essentially "becoming a Muslim" for two full weeks.

Children also were told to recite aloud Muslim prayers that begin with "In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful," and memorize the Muslim profession of faith: "Allah is the only true God, and Muhammad is his messenger."

But a federal judge appointed by President Clinton told parents in so many words to get over it, that the state was merely teaching kids about another "culture."

California's 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision, ruling that it was OK to put public-school kids through Muslim role-playing exercises. The decision was a major victory for the multiculturalists and Islamic apologists in California and across the country who've never met a culture or religion they didn't like—with the exception of Western civilization and Christianity.

You can't teach the Ten Commandments in public schools. But teaching the five pillars of Islam is A-OK.

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[Schoolhouse Sharia At Odds With Public Relations]

The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground's Bill Ayers
Weather Underground Bill Ayers

IT SEEMS TO BE OKAY for certain corrupt individuals to violently overthrow the government of the United States whom they declare as racist oppressors, but the same crowd, including Barack Obama and the roll call of Democrats now in power have little empathy at all for the victims of truly oppressive governments who rape, torture, and murder its own citizens. Iraqi Kurds come to mind (and yes, we too, were against the invasion). But frankly, we are merely standing at the near edge of the killing fields to come...

We have been aware of this Obama-Ayers connection for well over a year. Glad somebody is finally grabbing onto the flames and riding the fury that is sure to follow. That somebody has a name, And her name is Sarah Palin. Now perhaps, more genuinely good folks will come to understand where Barack has been spending some of those "missing years" in his official biography.

But time moves along. Creep sets in. So where did the radical left take refuge? In the media and in academia, personifying the long march through the institutions. Students now leave the “education” houses more indoctrinated than educated, more susceptible to influence. And who is the corporate, elitist peddler of this influence? In short—the corporate media.

They couldn’t care less about their responsibilities to the American people, because the American people need fixing. They need to be saved from themselves. Such is the leftist worldview.

Imagine if we discovered that John McCain had launched his career from the Unabomber’s front porch. Do you think he would still be a reasonable presidential candidate? Oh course, some hide and seekers might, probably those same hide and seekers who think an Obama candidacy is a viable option for sane and dare I say it—patriotic—Americans.

One question remains. How can candidate Obama be the most liberal US Senator as well as this year's designated corporate shill for the banking interests who control the media, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and most of the other institutions that matter in the financial life of this nation and Western capitalism at large?

Perhaps this is our answer. Malleability and "transitional fall guy" are key concepts here that may encourage thought. The puppetmasters know no shame, and everybody wants to be a star. A loathsome result, this dichotomy often returns.

Meanwhile, there is this story that the McCain campaign will surely exploit in the coming days:

It seems that Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies (which was nothing more than a boot camp for radicalizing America's youth) in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use this nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service." Kind of makes one pine for the old days when the Weather Underground was still underground, doesn't it?

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Tancredo Introduces Anti-Sharia Law

In America we call this police brutality, but Muslims demand sharia law...

IN THE WAKE OF BRITAIN'S recent capitulation to Sharia law, this is just the kind of heads up legislation that we in the United States need, and should embrace wholeheartedly.

Let's be clear that Colorado Congressman Tancredo, despite his failed bid for the presidency, is exceptionally courageous, given the current political climate of cringing ignorance if not outright appeasement to accelerating Islamic demands—in introducing this bill, and The Two-Fisted Quorum hopes that it will, at very least, ignite a national debate on the dangers of unchecked Islamic immigration, aggression, and takeover aspirations.

From Borderfire Report:

WASHINGTON, DC—Amid disturbing revelations that the verdicts of Islamic Sharia courts are now legally binding in civil cases in the United Kingdom, U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) moved quickly today to introduce legislation designed to protect the United States from a similar fate.

According to recent news reports, a new network of Sharia courts in a half-dozen major cities in the U.K. have been empowered under British law to adjudicate a wide variety of legal cases ranging from divorces and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.

“This is a case where truth is truly stranger than fiction,” said Tancredo. “Today the British people are learning a hard lesson about the consequences of massive, unrestricted immigration.”

Sharia law, favored by Muslim extremists around the world, often calls for brutal punishment—such as the stoning of women who are accused of adultery or have children out of wedlock, cutting off the hands of petty thieves and lashings for the casual consumption of alcohol. Under Sharia law, a woman is often required to provide numerous witnesses to prove rape allegations against an assailant—a near impossible task.

That specific number of MALE witnesses a Muslim woman needs to prove her rape case is FOUR! As if rape can't happen unless it is a gang bang, conducted by turncoats. This is an abomination, a miscarriage of justice, a fraud, a human rights atrocity going on around the world, and soon to a neighborhood near you, if you don't wake up! Do not be fooled by smiling taqiyya-spewing Muslims. They are a 1400 year old sadistic cult with no place in the West. Wake up you silly Americans. This is not a cute episode of South Park or The Simpsons. This is menacing blood and guts stuff. You need to wake up, and see what we are doing to ourselves by allowing this political machine masquerading as a religion to infiltrate our nation and our institutions.

“When you have an immigration policy that allows for the importation of millions of radical Muslims, you are also importing their radical ideology—an ideology that is fundamentally hostile to the foundations of western democracy—such as gender equality, pluralism, and individual liberty,” said Tancredo. “The best way to safeguard America against the importation of the destructive effects of this poisonous ideology is to prevent its purveyors from coming here in the first place.”

Tancredo’s bill, dubbed the “Jihad Prevention Act,” would bar the entry of foreign nationals who advocate Sharia law. In addition, the legislation would make the advocacy of Sharia law by radical Muslims already in the United States a deportable offense.

Tancredo pointed to the results of a recent poll conducted by the Centre for Social Cohesion as evidence that the U.S. should act to prevent the situation in Great Britain from replicating itself here in the United States. The poll found that some 40 percent of Muslim students in the United Kingdom support the introduction of Sharia law there, and 33 percent support the imposition of an Islamic Sharia-based government worldwide.

“We need to send a clear message that the only law we recognize here in America is the U.S. Constitution and the laws passed by our democratically elected representatives,” concluded Tancredo. “If you aren’t comfortable with that concept, you aren’t welcome in the United States.”

Of course, this will be contested by both the hard Leftists who say they don't believe that national borders of any kind should exist, except when THEY CONTROL the keys to the heated pool, and the equally inspired Muslims who agree to the same thought, EXCEPT WHEN THEY THEMSELVES CONTROL the lands of the ummah.

Oi vey! Pure diabolical non-sense.

Understanding China

China-MapThere is a new book out that should form part of the canon of those who wish to combat the simplistic urges of the Marxist-Maoist movements in this country with inconvenient facts and common relationships that help sort out fictional fantasy from reality on the ground.

The author of China House, Lawrence Klepinger, explains:

The self-proclaimed desire of the Chinese government to “crush” the current Tibetan uprising is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The horrifying effect of 60 years of Chinese communist rule is just now beginning to unfold. From unlawful land acquisitions and unfathomable slave labor working conditions to forced abortion, outright murder, rape and pillage by communist officials themselves, the world is only now starting to open its collective eyes. When it finally wakes up it will be horrified at what it sees.

As one reviewer, Dr. Michael D, Kruse, puts it: "China House is a straightforward, non-technical, popular attempt by an ex-resident of China to show us the dark side of the latest and possibly greatest of capitalism's glittering prizes. Using anecdotes, personal examples, conversations with Chinese people and, where available, documentary sources, the author makes a compelling argument for holding the "New China" at arm's length. He systematically exposes the government and business corruption, the failure of the health, education and (communist) agricultural and industrial systems, the "cosmetic" laws, the rape of the environment, the lying and cheating that seem endemic even in everyday business transactions, the suicide of children under unimaginable examination stress, the abuse of women and ethnic minorities, the lack of personal and political freedoms, in short, the utter betrayal of the people by the party and government that swore to protect them, and links all of these evils to blatant justifications in the wording of the Chinese Constitution itself.

"However, China House is not a racist polemic against the Chinese. The author is scrupulous in his efforts to show that the greater underlying evil that spawns this welter of lesser demons is a familiar one and not at all as exotic as the oriental locations. It is the greed of multinational (but mostly Western) companies, in the guise of "globalization". The author lists dozens of Western companies (and he names names) that have their snouts deep in the troughs of cheap labour and enormous markets that make the "New China" so attractive to the foreign investor. He paints a broad canvas showing how Western multinationals collude with the "communist" authorities to exploit both the Chinese worker and the Chinese consumer. It is a disturbing portrait. It is the reason, he claims, that "all free democracies willingly divert their attention to the other side of the room. If China were to become democratic and free-enterprising at the same time, there would be no way that the USA, let alone other Western countries, could compete."

Smog Blocks Sun In Most Chinese Cities
Smog Blocks Sun In Most Chinese Cities
Another reviewer named Klaus Kaltenthaler disagrees in some areas: "In this respect the book is a good eye opener and should be read by anyone getting ready to deal with China in any official way. However, many other publications should be consulted to afford the uninitiated student of China a more balanced view.

"The author, coming to China with all the Western values we have have come to expect and even take for granted, shows great compassion with the Chinese people in the face of the official abuse by their own government.

"However, I do not share the author's view that multinational corporations are in China to exploit the cheap labor market in order to produce ever cheaper products for the unsatiable Western world. Many companies have been trading with China for more than 100 years and are now investing in industrial production sites in China in order to serve the ever growing domestic market which otherwise could not be supplied with continuing imports. In the process of industrialization China not only acquires new and previously unobtainable expertise, but also obtains companies that are managed in a modern and worker friendly environment with individual incomes much higher than are achievable in a purely Chinese state-owned or even private company. Thus international cooperation and the exchange with other countries, training of employees abroad, et cetera, are possible. They can be the seeds for an admittedly slow, but steady improvement of the working conditions for all Chinese companies while at the same time benefiting the Chinese economy.

"Given the mutations of China throughout the millenia and centuries, adjusting to the ever changing world around them to survive and gain advantage, I do not see the possibility of an imminent downfall of the Chinese communist party system, but a continuing change and adjustement whenever China sees advantages for their long term goal of proving their own superiority to the rest of the world."

Nothing less is expected of, We the People, of the United States of America, writes Klepinger.

I tend to agree. And despite the fact that an ashcan of experts argue that untold number of even more experts are required to understand an alarming situation, I agree that an informed public is vital to a fully-conscious American citizenry. Fantasy is for children and intellectual misfits. Cold reality among the bold sandbox bullies is far more harsh a consciousness, but right preferable especially in critical and crucial times when the lives of millions of families are at stake like so many marbles in what is shaping up to be yet another geo-political slugfest.

An Ethical Basis For War Against Political Islam

Saudi Funds
Saudi-American Duplicity
An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam: Part 4, Jihad

The dualistic ethical system of the Islamic Trilogy prepares the foundation of jihad with one set of ethics for Muslims and another set of ethics for the kafirs. So, there are two ways to deal with the kafirs. One is to think of them as inferiors but act in a kindly way. The other is jihad.

Jihad is a unique word. Its actual meaning is struggle or effort. Islam speaks of two types-the lesser jihad and the greater jihad. The greater jihad is spiritual effort or internal struggle, to stop smoking, for example, or control one's greed. Only 3% of the Hadith Bukhari recorded about jihad refer to the greater jihad. The rest, 97%, of the Hadith about jihad are about war.

The Fundamentals of Jihad

Ihe following hadith summarizes all the key elements of jihad. (Notice that only the fourth item, the Day of Resurrection, is purely religious in nature). It tells us that the whole world must submit to Islam; kafirs are the enemy simply by not being Muslims. To achieve this dominance, Islam may use terror and violence. It may use psychological warfare, fear, and theft. It may take the spoils of war from kafirs. Violence and terror are made sacred by the Koran. Peace comes only with submission to Islam.

Bukhari 1,7,331 Mohammed: "I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me:

"Allah made me victorious by awe, by His frightening my enemies for a distance of one month's journey. The earth has been made for me and for my followers a place for praying and a place to perform rituals; therefore, anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due. The spoils of war has been made lawful for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else before me. I have been given the right of intercession on the Day of Resurrection. Every prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have been sent to all mankind."

The story of the Trilogy culminates in the dominance of political Islam. The Trilogy teaches that Islam is the perfect political system and is destined to rule the entire world. The governments and constitutions of the world must all submit to political Islam. If the political systems of the kafirs do not submit, then force, jihad, may be used. All jihad is defensive, since refusing to submit to Islam is an offense against Allah. All Muslims must support the political action of jihad. This may take several forms-fighting, proselytizing or contributing money.

The Trilogy lays out the complete strategy, tactics, and vision of political Islam and jihad. Much of the Trilogy is about how Mohammed dealt with those people who disagreed with him. Violent political action with a religious motivation was taken against kafirs. Under Islam, their only political freedom was to submit. This legal inferiority is sacred, eternal and universal.

Duality of ethics was the basis for Mohammed's greatest single innovation-jihad. Jihad is dual ethics with sacred violence. The key religious element of the dual ethics is that Allah sanctifies violence for complete domination. The kafirs must submit to Islam.

In Mecca, Mohammed demonstrated the initial practice of jihad when Islam was weak: persuasion and conversion. When he moved to Medina, he demonstrated how jihad worked when Islam was strong: using immigration against inhabitants, creating political power by struggling against the host, dominating other religions, using violence, sowing division among the tribes, and establishing a government.

Jihad is civilizational war for two reasons. First, jihad uses every aspect of civilization as an element of war. Violence, education, fear, psychology, sociology, sex, population, immigration, public relations, corruption and religion are all used in jihad. Military force and terror are the smallest aspects of jihad. The second reason that jihad is civilizational war is that the purpose of jihad is to annihilate every aspect of the non-Islamic civilization. Art, history, law, dress, manners, names, education, customs, government, foreign policy, economics, and every other detail must become Islamic.

The greatest error in understanding jihad is to think of military force and terror. Jihad does not have to fit the Geneva Convention's rules. A jihadist is a civilian in the army of Allah and can move back and forth from soldier to citizen. Giving money to an Islamic "charity" is jihad. Writing a letter to the editor about how well Islam treats women is jihad. Having eight children is jihad.

The Koran could not be more clear-every Muslim is to be a jihadist. Jihad is laid out in all three of the Trilogy texts. There is no Islam without jihad.

Islam has been waging civilizational war for centuries. Before the Muslims arrived, Egypt and North Africa and the southern coast of the Mediterranean were Christian. There was a Buddhist monastery in Alexandria Egypt. Turkey was Buddhist and Christian. Persia-now Iran-was Zoroastrian. The Hindu culture covered an area of the world twice as large as it is now. Languages disappeared to be replaced by Arabic.

When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he discovered that the Muslim population knew nothing about the pyramids or temples. The 5,000 year old culture of the Pharaohs had been annihilated. There is no longer a population of Buddhists in Afghanistan. Baghdad was once home to the oldest community of Jews in the world, brought there as Babylonian captives, today it is estimated that there are no more than a few dozen old, sick and infirm Jews left in Iraq. All cultures living within the borders of Islam are annihilated. [Whole] Peoples either leave, convert or die out. There are no exceptions.

Once jihad has conquered a civilization, there is never another revolution. Even if the form of government changes, it remains Muslim. The only time Islam has left an occupied territory has been because it was forced out by military might.

Rape as Warfare

Mohammed encouraged the rape of female captives after battles. This is reported in the Sira and Hadith and approved in the Koran. In jihad it is not considered rape to have forced sex with a woman as long as she is a kafir captive or slave. This is true even if she is married. In the Muslim world, the act is only rape when committed against a Muslim. Again, the dual ethics of Islam prevail.

Bukhari 3,34,431 One of the captives was a beautiful Jewess, Safiya. Dihya had her first, but she was given to Mohammed next.

4:24 Also forbidden to you are married women unless they are your slaves or captives.

Rape was one of Mohammed's tactics of conquest because it worked. Forced sex with women whose protectors had been killed was considered supreme domination. It was also a humiliation to the women's male relatives and husbands who had not been killed. If a woman is captured, raped and absorbed into the captor's environment, her helplessness renders her totally compliant and her submission is complete. To protect her children from slavery, many widows and rape victims readily agreed to conversion and their children were raised as Muslims.

Forced sex is far more than rape in political Islam. It is a method of war, a tactical strike which is not a crime because it is jihad. It is not a sin. It is practiced against the kafir and is sanctioned in the Trilogy of the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith.

Bill Warner