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Remember Our War Dead

NEVER FORGET THIS BRUTAL ATTACK on American soil was perpetrated by men fronting for Islam, never forget these men and women and children died because of religious hatred and bigotry. Never forget the war continues because our oft-boisterous enemies have not been defeated...

Remember our war dead.

Rush Limbaugh Nails This Issue

Rush Limbaugh
by Rush Limba​ugh

I think​ the vast diffe​rence​s in compe​nsati​on betwe​en victi​ms of the Septe​mber 11 casua​lties and those​ who die servi​ng our count​ry in unifo​rm are profo​und.

No one is reall​y talki​ng about​ it eithe​r,​ becau​se you just don'​t criti​cize anyth​ing havin​g to do with Septe​mber 11.​ Well,​ I can'​t let the nu​mbers​ pass by becau​se it says somet​hing reall​y distu​rbing​ about​ the entit​lemen​t menta​lity of this count​ry.​ If you lost a famil​y membe​r in the Septe​mber 11 attac​k,​ you'​re going​ to get an avera​ge of $​1,​185,​000.​The range​ is a minim​um guara​ntee of $​250,​000 all the way up to $4.7 milli​on.​

if you are a survi​ving famil​y membe​r of an Ameri​can soldi​er kille​d in actio​n,​ the first​ check​ you get is a $​6,​000 direc​t death​ benef​it,​ half of which​ is taxable.

Next,​ you get $​1,​750 for buria​l costs​.​ If you are the survi​ving spous​e,​ you get $833 a month​ until​ you remar​ry.​ And there​'​s a payme​nt of $211 per month​ for each child​ under​ 18. When the child​ hits 18, those​ payme​nts come to a scree​ching​ halt.​

Keep in mind that some of the peopl​e who are getti​ng an avera​ge of $​1.​185 milli​on up to $4.7 milli​on are compl​ainin​g that it's not enoug​h.​Their​ death​s were tragi​c,​ but for most,​ they were simpl​y in the wrong​ place​ at the wrong​ time.​ Soldi​ers put themselves​ in harms​ way FOR ALL OF US, and they and their​ famil​ies know the dange​rs.​

We also learn​ed over the weeke​nd that some of the victi​ms from the Oklahoma City bombi​ng have start​ed an organ​izati​on askin​g for the same deal that the Septe​mber 11 famil​ies are getti​ng.​ In addit​ion to that,​ some of the famil​ies of those​ bombe​d in the embas​sies are now askin​g for compe​nsati​on as well.​

You see where​ this is going​,​ don'​t you? Folks​,​ this is part and parce​l of over 50 years​ of entit​lemen​t polit​ics in this count​ry.​ It's just reall​y sad. Every​ time a pay raise​ comes​ up for the milit​ary,​ they usual​ly recei​ve next to nothi​ng of a raise​.​ Now the green​ machi​ne is in comba​t in the Middl​e East while​ their​ famil​ies have to survi​ve on food stamp​s and live in low-​rent housing.​ Make sense​?​

Howev​er,​ our own US Congr​ess voted​ thems​elves​ a raise​.​ Many of you don'​t know that they only have to be in Congr​ess one time to recei​ve a pensi​on that is more than $​15,​000 per month​.​ And most are now equal​ to being​ milli​onair​es plus.​ They do not recei​ve Socia​l Secur​ity on retir​ement​ becau​se they didn'​t have to pay into the syste​m.​ If some of the milit​ary peopl​e stay in for 20 years​ and get out as an E-7, they may recei​ve a pensi​on of $​1,​000 per month​,​ and the very peopl​e who place​d them in harm'​s way recei​ves a pensi​on of $15,​000 per month​.​

I would​ like to see our elect​ed offic​ials pick up a weapo​n and join ranks​ befor​e they start​ cutti​ng out benef​its and lower​ing pay for our sons and daugh​ters who are now fight​ing.​

Startling, isn't it? This has been one of my biggest gripes about war and how it gets to be that way—for decades. And to be perfectly frank, I was immediately against all those millions going to the 911 families because I had not glossed over the soldier's situation. Even to someone who finds these conspiracy theories repugnant and ludicrous, it seemed like George W. Bush was in much too big a hurry to pay off folks after the tragedy. Something fishy there. And Congress should be inconveniently ashamed of what it is doing to the front line soldier.

Lies, Damn Lies, And The Statistically Challenged Media

When a wall is not just a wall, It's a lying wall.
A FRIGHTFUL CASE COULD BE MADE made that in the age of television, and especially since 1967, there has not been a news event of major transformative effect that has not been presented to the public without serious distortions. Some have been outright lies. Damn lies even. The seriousness of the effects of these distortions cannot be understated. Here are a variety of examples as put forth by Yaacov ben Moshe over at his Breath of the Beast blog:

  • In 1967 the world was given the impression that the great victory in The Six Day War had solved the Middle East problem and secured Israel’s existence. This distorted view has set the stage for the Arabs, who still vastly outnumber the Israelis, are far richer and have an undiminished desire to utterly destroy Israel, to claim the mantel of “underdog” and even “victim” in the eyes of a majority of Europeans and very large numbers of Americans.

  • The defeat of the North Vietnamese Tet Offensive in 1968 was presented as proof that further support of freedom in Southeast Asia was futile. This perception turned allied victory into defeat and caused a substantial bloodbath in Viet Nam and contributed heavily to the cataclysm in neighboring Cambodia.

  • In 1987 the video of the Rodney King incident was shown over and over to the public on the evening news without the first segment of it which showed King attacking one of the officers. The public then could not understand the verdict when the jury (who, in court, had seen King’s aggressive attack) acquitted the police officers. The reverberations of the riots, in which 48 people died, that followed are still poisoning the “conversation about race” in the US today.

  • The systematic demonization of the Serbs in the Balkans and the complete bestowal of “victim-hood” on the Moslems of Kosovo. Led to allied bombing of the Serbs and an overall tilt toward the Moslem side which gave prestige, courage and comfort to many foreign Islamist fighters who were active in the Balkans at the time. Many of those fighters, including Osama bin Laden himself, have gone on to terrorist activities against the west.

  • The al Durah blood libel poured fuel on the fires of Islamist Jihad and the resulting wave of “retaliatory” violence that reference al Durah included the Ramallah lynchings, the beheading of Daniel Pearl and 9/11. Even more damaging than the directly related violence, though, is that the wide acceptance of this particular fraud as truth has given credence to every other fraud, misrepresentation and slander since that time.

    "Don’t believe everything you read" takes on a new perspective after you spend some time discovering how the media uses statistics.

  • Burning Bush Conspiracies

    What do you expect for a Muslim? Al taqyya, of course!

    Despite a recent poll that 12% of Americans defy the functions of ordinary intelligence amidst clear evidence to the contrary in suggesting that the Bush administration had an active hand in the September 11 attacks on American soil, we cannot dismiss all the bad news thrown at us by conspiracy theorists aiming to tear America apart at the seams.

    The following scenario, while old news, is almost certainly factual, and continues to point up the hard conclusion that Saudi Arabia is no less a declared enemy against the West and the United States than Iran is, and that the US military is little more than a mercenary force controlled by Saudi interests held in place by the kingdom's subtle threats against our nation's economical best interests.

    And it is this realization that compels me to advocate with the most avid anti-war protestor that the US needs to vacate Iraq and Afghanistan, cease all overt military actions until we are attacked once more, close our borders to ALL immigration, begin rebuilding our own infrastructure and fortitude, leaving the ME Islamists (Arabs & Chaldeans) to quarrel among themselves for supremacy in the hopes of weakening the Camp of Islam as it pursues its oft-stated desire to reconstitute its beloved Caliphate, And then we should take a hard look at shutting down the Saudi-financed madrassas springing up all over the West since the 1970s, and deporting or charging with treason all hard line Muslims and sympathizers who would call for jihad and sharia law on American soil. War is a nasty business. And it is rarely won with words. Let the saber-rattling masquerade begin!

    Given the impossible task of actually earning or owning its own right of return according to Leftists even those among their own people, Israel can and therefore must protect itself. After all, it has vowed to use the Samson option if pushed to the wall, and will not flinch. Never again!

    America, unfortunately, is a house divided, and must be healed, or face our own painful reality check. After all, Ahmadinejad has proclaimed that both Israel and America will perish from among the nations of the earth. I have no reason not to take him at his word (no matter how preposterous), if we in the West don't change our ways and learn to name our enemy, and fight this inevitable war with a strategy based on winning not the hearts and minds of our enemies but those hearts and minds of those who support the enemy from within our own borders, those Americans who may hold dear to cherished ideals but for some reason cannot recognize the true enemies of those ideals.

    From Greg Palast of the BBC, a fiendishly far-left outfit I usually avoid:

    On November 9, 2001, when you could still choke on the dust in the air near Ground Zero, BBC Television received a call in London from a top-level US intelligence agent. He was not happy. Shortly after George W. Bush took office, he told us reluctantly, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the FBI, “were told to back off the Saudis.”

    We knew that. In the newsroom, we had a document already in hand, marked, “SECRET” across the top and “199-I” - meaning this was a national security matter.

    The secret memo released agents to hunt down two members of the bin Laden family operating a “suspected terrorist organization” in the USA. It was dated September 13, 2001—two days too late for too many. What the memo indicates, corroborated by other sources, was that the agents had long wanted to question these characters … but could not until after the attack. By that time, these bin Laden birds had flown their American nest.

    Back to the high-level agent. I pressed him to tell me exactly which investigations were spiked. None of this interview dance was easy, requiring switching to untraceable phones. Ultimately, the insider said, “Khan Labs.” At the time, our intelligence agencies were on the trail of Pakistan’s Dr. Strangelove, A.Q. Khan, who built Pakistan’s bomb and was selling its secrets to the Libyans. But once Bush and Condoleeza Rice’s team took over, the source told us, agents were forced to let a hot trail go cold. Specifically, there were limits on tracing the Saudi money behind this “Islamic bomb.”

    Then we made another call, this time to an arms dealer in the Mideast. He confirmed that his partner attended a meeting in 1995 at the 5-star Hotel Royale Monceau in Paris where, allegedly, Saudi billionaires agreed to fund Al Qaeda fanatics. We understood it to be protection money, not really a sign of support for their attacks. Nevertheless, rule number one of investigation is “follow the money” — but the sheiks’ piggy banks were effectively off-limits to the US agents during the Bush years. One of the men in the posh hotel’s meeting of vipers happens to have been a Bush family business associate.

    Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, let me tell you that we found no evidence — none, zero, no kidding — that George Bush knew about Al Qaeda’s plan to attack on September 11. Indeed, the grim joke at BBC is that anyone accusing George Bush of knowing anything at all must have solid evidence. This is not a story of what George Bush knew but rather of his very-unfunny ignorance. And it was not stupidity, but policy: no asking Saudis uncomfortable questions about their paying off roving packs of killers, especially when those Saudis are so generous to Bush family businesses.

    Yes, Bill Clinton was also a bit too tender toward the oil men of Arabia. But this you should know: In his last year in office, Clinton sent two delegations to the Gulf to suggest that the Royal family crack down on “charitable donations” from their kingdom to the guys who blew up our embassies.

    But when a failed Texas oil man took over the White House in January 2001, demands on the Saudis to cut off terror funding simply stopped.

    And what about the bin Laden “suspected terrorist organization”? Called the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, the group sponsors soccer teams and summer camps in Florida. BBC obtained a video of one camp activity, a speech exhorting kids on the heroism of suicide bombings and hostage takings. While WAMY draws membership with wholesome activities, it has also acted as a cover or front, say the Dutch, Indian and Bosnian governments, for the recruitment of jihadi killers.

    Certainly, it was worth asking the bin Laden boys a few questions. But the FBI agents couldn’t, until it was too late.

    In November 2001, when BBC ran the report on the spike of investigations of Saudi funding of terror, the Bush defenders whom we’d invited to respond on air dismissed the concerns of lower level FBI agents who’d passed over the WAMY documents. No action was taken on the group headed by the bin Ladens.

    Then, in May this year, fifty FBI agents surrounded, invaded and sealed off WAMY’s Virginia office. It was like a bad scene out of the ‘Untouchables.’ The raid took place three years after our report and long after the bin Ladens had waved bye-bye. It is not surprising that the feds seized mostly empty files and a lot of soccer balls.

    Why now this belated move on the bin Laden’s former operation? Why not right after the September 11 attack? This year’s FBI raid occurred just days after an Islamist terror assault in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Apparently, messin’ with the oil sheiks gets this Administration’s attention. Falling towers in New York are only for Republican convention photo ops.

    The 199-I memo was passed to BBC television by the gumshoes at the National Security News Service in Washington. We authenticated it, added in our own sleuthing, then gave the FBI its say, expecting the usual, “It’s baloney, a fake.” But we didn’t get the usual response. Rather, FBI headquarters said, “There are lots of things the intelligence community knows and other people ought not to know.”

    Ought not to know?

    What else ought we not to know, Mr. President? And when are we supposed to forget it?

    Greg Palast’s reports for BBC Television Newsnight and The Guardian paper of Britain (with David Pallister) on White House interference in the investigation of terrorism won a 2002 California State University Journalism School ‘Project Censored’ Award.

    The BBC television reports, expanded and updated, will be released this month in the USA as a DVD, “Bush Family Fortunes,” produced by BBC’s Meirion Jones.

    Lawyering the War To Death And The Rest Of Us Through Infernal Taxes

    Pam Bondi
    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi
    by Michael Barone—Creators Syndicate, Inc.

    Lawyering the war to death, and the rest of us through infernal taxes. "Never in the history of the United States had lawyers had such extraordinary influence over war policy as they did after 9/11." Those are the words of Jack Goldsmith, the Harvard law professor who was one of those lawyers, as head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel in 2003 and 2004. They appear in his book "The Terror Presidency," hailed as a criticism of the Bush administration's legal policies, which in part it is. Believing that some of his predecessor's opinions, particularly two on interrogation techniques, were "deeply flawed," he reversed them. He argues that the administration would have ended up with more latitude in fighting terrorism if it had worked with Congress to get legislation, even if those laws would not have been as expansive as the administration wanted. It's a serious argument, and he also presents fairly, I think, the opposing view that such restrictions would make it harder to protect the American people.

    But anyone who goes beyond the first newspaper stories and reads the book will find another message. For one thing, Goldsmith also supports many much-criticized policies—the detention of unlawful combatants in Afghanistan and their confinement in Guantanamo, trials by military commissions, the terrorist surveillance program. And he rejects the charge that the administration has disregarded the rule of law. Quite the contrary. "The opposite is true: the administration has been strangled by law, and since September 11, 2001, this war has been lawyered to death." There has been a "daily clash inside the Bush administration between fear of another attack, which drives officials into doing whatever they can to prevent it, and the countervailing fear of violating the law, which checks their urge toward prevention."

    It was not always so, he points out. In 1942, Franklin Roosevelt ordered military commissions to try the eight Nazi saboteurs who had landed on our shores; the Supreme Court unanimously approved, and six were executed six weeks after they were apprehended, to the applause of the media of the day. But FDR "acted in a permissive legal culture that is barely recognizable to us today."

    In the wake of Vietnam and Watergate, Congress passed laws that criminalized military and civilian officers who broke the rules on electronic surveillance and detainee treatment: "the criminalization of warfare." Its ban on political assassination deterred the Clinton administration from gunning down Osama bin Laden. The CIA has become so wary of possible criminal charges that it urges agents to buy insurance. Developments in international law, especially the doctrine of universal decision, also threaten U.S. government officials with possible prosecution abroad. All of this creates a risk-averseness that leaves us more vulnerable to terrorists.

    The CIA today employs more than 100 lawyers, the Pentagon 10,000. "Every weapon used by the U.S. military, and most of the targets they are used against, are vetted and cleared by lawyers in advance," Goldsmith notes. In this respect, the national security community resembles the larger society. As Philip Howard of Common Good points out, we are stripping jungle gyms from playgrounds and paying for unneeded medical tests for fear of lawsuits.

    The audiotapes released last week of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's interrogation remind us that we are faced with evil enemies and that getting information from them can save lives. Goldsmith, who withdrew his predecessor's interrogation opinions, nevertheless understands this and makes a strong case that our national security apparatus is overlawyered.

    Most Americans seem to agree; an Investor's Business Daily poll shows that more than 60% of Americans—and majorities of Democrats as well as Republicans—favor wiretapping terrorist suspects without warrants, increased surveillance, retaining the Patriot Act and holding enemy combatants at Guantanamo. Unfortunately, the 30% or so who disagree are disproportionately represented in the legal profession and in the media.

    The 1970s laws that have helped produce the overlawyering of this war were prompted by the misdeeds of one or two presidents. But they will hamper the efforts of our current president as well as his successors in responding to a threat that is likely to continue for many years to come.

    The Meaning Of Mayor Freddie's Words

    Brussels mayor Freddie Thielemans

    Io the mayor of Brussels, Freddie Thielemans, refused to issue a permit for a September 11 march on the EU headquarters to protest the continuing Islamization of Europe on the grounds that he could not guarantee the marchers' safety. Only NOW do we know what those simple, hardly difficult to parse, words really meant. Not safety from crazed Muslim youths attacking with sword and swagger shouting Allah Akbar with every step!

    No, it turns out he was not talking about the immigrant population, but what he meant was he could not guarantee these mostly indigenous Europeans any safety from the fully loaded stormtroopers he called out against the mere handful of 200 peaceful, middle-aged marchers. The mayor had banned the protest, held on the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the US.

    Police arrested two far-right political leaders at a protest against the "Islamisation of Europe". Frank Vanhecke and Filip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party. Vlaams Belang has recently been critical of Muslim immigration to Belgium. Police clashed with some of the 200 demonstrators and dozens more people were reported to have been arrested.

    The protest organisers had promised a large turn-out, but the approximately 200 protesters were nearly outnumbered by police and reporters.

    All in all, the police and the government in Brussels acted criminally, since they refuse to carry out their basic role of protecting the rule of law and protecting the polity. That they would attack law abiding citizens gathered in a peaceful demonstration to protest a foreign threat indicates that Brussel's secret plan is Islamization. What were these enforcers paid? And by whom?