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Most Important Artwork Of New Century?

Teddy Bear
AARHUS, DENMARK - Kurt Westergaard is in hiding from Islamic militants who want him dead. Now, the Danish cartoonist says he's ready to part with the source of his travails, a small ink sketch of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. But first there is the ticklish question of price.

"I would like to think that it has some value," says Mr. Westergaard, the 72-year-old creator of one of the world's most famous cartoons and one that inflamed Muslims world-wide. "It is a symbol of democracy and freedom of expression. I think I should have a little money for this," he says.

The drawing is locked in a bank vault while the cartoonist shuttles between temporary havens the Danish secret police have found for him around this blustery port city. His is by far the best known of 12 Muhammad-related cartoons published in September 2005 by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. But how do you fix the value of something that auction houses won't touch, that museums won't hang on their walls and that still inspires murderous passions?

But last November, the danger became real. Denmark's security service uncovered a group it said had diagrams of Mr. Westergaard's house and apparently planned to slit his throat as he slept. The service offered to send him and his wife on a Caribbean cruise. He declined. "I'm an old man with a stiff neck. I can't bow my head to anyone," he says.
Two weeks ago, Danish authorities said they had foiled a plot to kill Mr. Westergaard in his home. Seventeen Danish newspapers, outraged and eager to show solidarity, reprinted his drawing. Muslims again took to the streets. Iran and others demanded an apology. "I always had a feeling this cartoon crisis would not end," says Mr. Westergaard. "Now I know." [...]

Some Muslims here want the bomb-in-a-turban drawing destroyed. Salah Suleiman, an activist in a mosque that helped whip up the fury over it in early 2006, delights in the artist's troubles and says no amount of money can save him from God's wrath: "He is living like a rat.... He is living in hell already."

Ah, the voice of love and piety.

Mr. Westergaard's wife, a retired kindergarten teacher, has also suggested destruction, by selling the cartoon to a wealthy Arab who "can then burn it in the central square in Mecca." Mr. Westergaard says he likes the idea of getting money from an oil sheik but would prefer the cartoon stay intact and in Denmark.

Mr. Westergaard says he never intended his drawing to rile Muslims, only to mock extremists who push a deformed reading of their faith. But while arguments rage over whether his cartoon is intolerably offensive or an emblem of free speech, there's no doubt of the prominence it has achieved. Though shunned by most major U.S. publications, it has been reprinted widely in Europe, plastered across the Internet and put on T-shirts...

Flemming Rose, culture editor of the Danish paper that first ran the cartoon, compares it to a famous photo of Che Guevara in a beret and to Andy Warhol's pop-art portrait of Marilyn Monroe. "It is a great cultural icon of the 21st century," he says.

Mr. Lerche, the auctioneer, says it's "pure guesswork" what Mr. Westergaard's drawing is worth. A less-famed Muhammad cartoon sold for around $2,900 in an Internet auction, but that was in late 2005, before the global uproar. The artist in that case donated the cash, which came from an anonymous buyer, to earthquake relief in Pakistan.

In an event last year at the Reagan Library in California, Mr. Rose, the Danish culture editor, saw the cartoons' market value. He autographed posters featuring his newspaper's original cartoon edition, which sold out in minutes for $1,000 apiece.

Money has played a role on the other side of the barricades, too. When Muslims started burning Danish flags and ransacking Danish property in early 2006, extremists joined in a bidding war to get Mr. Westergaard killed. The bounties they offered ranged from a new car to a million dollars.

The cartoonist continued going to work at his small newspaper office, piled with old papers and empty coffee cups. But last November, the danger became real. Denmark's security service uncovered a group it said had diagrams of Mr. Westergaard's house and apparently planned to slit his throat as he slept.

The service offered to send him and his wife on a Caribbean cruise. He declined. "I'm an old man with a stiff neck. I can't bow my head to anyone," he says. Police offered a guard dog. His wife didn't like the idea....

Enough Guilt To Share

Coaltions of The Damned
No one is saying that everyone in Muslim countries is directly responsible for the actions of others. What we are saying is that it is not only conceivable that we are holding you responsible for your own actions, we are doing so. Remember the words of a wise man:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

There are many good Muslims. Why aren't they doing anything? Public condemnation of groups like al Qaeda and a boycott of the hajj and a refusal to attend mosques where imams preach that all non-Muslims are evil would go a long way. Your silence makes you an accessory.

The reason Nazi Germany did NOT triumph is that good people were willing to fight and give their own lives for others. It took some time for us to come to terms with what had to be done but we did it.

Westerners were complicit to a degree in the Holocaust but that doesn't absolve Nazi Germany of its responsibility. Fighting the Nazis doesn't absolve us of our own sins in letting this take place, but it was an attempt to rectify it. In any case, Nazi Germany is NOT part of the West. Nazi Germany was destroyed in World War II. Berlin was reduced to rubble. The country was occupied by the allies and many of its people lived under communist rule for almost fifty years.

Germany still functions with treaty provisions that limit its behavior. The WWII Nazi leaders were put on trial for crimes against humanity and many were hung. Some stayed in prison for the rest of their lives. Some were able to escape and live in the jungles of South America, but many were ultimately brought to justice. None of them were lionized.

Compare that to the Muslims in Palestine who cheered as the WTC towers came down. They were filled with people who had done nothing to the Palestinians. The Palestinians, and all Muslims, lionize Muhammad Atta. They shield Osama bin Laden. If he really went against Islam he would have been killed or turned over to the UN.

I would also say that, on the same basis, Muslims have their own share of responsibility. Unlike the US and most of western Europe, Muslims were allied with the Nazis.

George Orwell or Mark Twain or Jessica Rabbit is once said to have opined, “Decent people sleep soundly in their beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
Many people believe that this type of hard look at reality on the ground is doom-mongering and worse, God forbid, racist. I guess it depends whether you see this as a war or not. If you don't, a lot of the discourse here will seem frightful and insane. I think some people use certain dehumanizing language because they need to buck themselves up for a long battle. If it's a war, it is either us or them, and I prefer us. If we survive with our freedoms intact, and their effort to cut us down fail, then we can wring our hands over 'what we've become.' We seem to have gotten over the awful demonization of the German and Japanese people during WWII. And if we fail, it's all a moot question.

George Orwell or Mark Twain or Jessica Rabbit is once said to have opined, “Decent people sleep soundly in their beds because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

Make No Mistake, Morristown

Young Western Couple

MUSLIMS, DESPITE AWKWARD claims to the contrary, do NOT worship the Judeo-Christian God, Yahweh.

That is why Islam bears FEW similarities to Judaism and Christianity, and those few are summarily cloaked into their converse when applied to outsiders by Muslims. And why they burn down synagogues and churches whenever they get the chance...

Al-lah's teachings (Islam) run counter to anything taught the Israelites by Yahweh (Judeo-Christianity). Al-lah is an idol (or deity, if you prefer) that originated in the religions of the Babylonian-Sumerian region of Mesopotamia over 4000 years ago and is also known under such names as Baal, Marduk, or the 'moon-God'.

Muslims DO have their political-religious ideology down correctly. It's just that it is entirely unrelated to anyone else's.

Pissing In The Wind

The Pentagon

The Pentagon has fostered 'toleration classes' for Islam—and separate bathrooms—and are in the process of setting up special places for them to throw down their prayer rugs, etc. These accommodation activities are absolutely ridiculous. The US is just pissing in the wind, as Muslims now claim they can't use the same bathroom as everyone else. As a nation, we banned this type of "special" treatment in the 1960s. Yet, a few short decades later, it is happening in the Pentagon, according to the Christian Science Monitor as an honorific, of all things. The Pentagon—that same place left with a massive hole on one side on 9/11, the Pentagon, the place we place our trust and depend on for our defense. Nothing ecumenical about this particular jizya. Just let the Muslims feel like superior beings. Such a small price to pay, for peace, for transparency. After all, they must be superior beings. Some of them have lots of oil, huge stacks of dollar bills.

This riff about the US military needing to have Muslims who speak Arabic is just plain contrary to common sense. Does it take an Arab to speak Arabic, a German to speak German, an Englishman to speak English. One is to believe that ordinary ethnically mixed soldiers are just too damned American to pull off the stealth undercover work that today's new army so much depends upon, so rather than pursue the enemy with all we've got with the Euro-Afro-Hispanic stock on hand and among proven allies, some soft cell in military intelligence figures it's best to trust our security to someone who is a bona fide "Arab" who may or may not harbor feelings of jihad in his heart (uh, like Jimmy Carter and his lustful heart).

After all, we just built him a separate prayer room to keep him clean and sanctified and away from dirty Jews and filthy Christians. He will like us for that, and will make war against his brothers and cousins for us because it just makes sense, right?

Living In The Age Of Quarrel

Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch

The more I read the posts at Jihad Watch and those of Robert Spencer, the more I am convinced that only a fact-truth confrontational approach will prevail in this ongoing conflict with passive-aggressive Islam. That naive handmaiden of so-called "moderation" will not do the job. Th evidence has spoken, loudly and clearly.

The current crisis with Islam appears to have two immediate sources: 1) the oil revenues that fund the spread of the belief-system and Jihad and 2) the collapse of the USSR which had delayed a lurking jihad that for 70 years lay dormant after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. But now unbelievers, or kafir, face a resumed war with Islam and its sleeping dogs that has been in process for 1300 years.

During the 70s and 80s there were many who sought to appeal to "moderates" within the Soviet Empire, who urged no confrontation in word and deed with the obvious aggressive and totalitarian nature of the Soviet belief-system. They were in Western "peace movements" that were often funded by the USSR. The people who advised caution and moderation in confronting the Soviets did so for many reasons, but it all boiled down to "don't make them mad", "don't offend them" "they only have different "values".

Yet folks like Solzhenitsyn advised a confrontation that would make the Soviets angry, and noted that in their anger, in their rage, the Soviets would reveal themselves and the nature of their belief-system. Thus the exile of Solzhenitsyn, the attempt to kill Pope John Paul, the attempt to crush Solidarity, the shooting down of the Korean passenger plane by the Soviets in 1983, and other ugly manifestations of Soviet rage, did much to bring down the regime. All of the items you mention are necessary to contain this insane Soviet-like belief system, including factual in-your-face-confrontation with the sick violence and intolerance of Muhammad and his belief-system.

Pope Rage, Cartoon Rage, Apostate Rage, and other rages are just what the doctor ordered to cure this belief-system disease. Confrontation and resulting rage are good. Solzhenitsyn was right about confrontation re the USSR. In-your-face-factual-truthful-confrontation-is the answer with Islam, too.

Moderates and apologists within Islam try to claim differently, by disassociation techniques, but with every invocation of the takirphrase "Allahu akbar" in the warzones of Iraq to the streets of Paris suburbs, the implication that the culprits think God will approve of their action or that their action does something to glorify God, the message is burned into the minds and hearts of the world that Islam is the root cause of these reveries. However, without looking into their minds, it's impossible to know if they deliberately meant that or if they were using a common phrase in their culture without thinking about what it meant. But in their own words, to a Muslim, their religion is everything, including their God-given right to use force in subjugating infidels to the ends of the earth.

These apologists usually point to so-called Christian atrocities in Serbia or in the distant past to validate their points. Yet, it is quite evident that Western secular progressive cultures have done everything possible to distance themselves from their historical roots in Judaic and Christian thought and symbolism, and even this distancing is used by the jihadists to prove their notions of superior religiosity, and they certainly have no qualms in desecrating the traditions and icons of those religions, while screaming bloody murder at anyone who dares raise an eyebrow at theirs.

But let's be clear here, I am not defending Christianity's "hollow" symbols. From a fundamentalist biblical perspective, almost all of the so-called holy days are fabrications taken from traceable pagan sources, and would be quite foreign to the players of biblical times.

But it seems that leftist America is stealthly embracing Islamic appearances while throwing off the yoke of Christianity. This is a ridiculous and dangerous operation. It needs to be stopped before it is too late.

[Living In The Age Of Quarrel]