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Immigration Checkpoints In Mexico Not So Casual As In Obama's America

Border Security Chaos

There's little doubt that something is very wrong with our Federal government and its inability, and what's worse, it's lack of desire to control our borders, and that means southern, northern, eastern, western, on foot, or in planes, trains, or automobiles, tanks or even tuxedos. The apathy at the top is treasonous. The ill will that we as a sovereign people have suffered at the wit of fellow citizens and foreign invaders alike whenever even broaching the subject is not even conceivable anywhere else in the world, until recently as Europe has continued to allow its Muslim problem fester and evolve into something worse.

With the Supreme Court’s decision on the Arizona Immigration Law, it brings back what happens if one travels down the interior of Mexico or Baja. We have been to Cabo by car three times and once in an RV, which is about 1,000 miles. Each trip, we were stopped four times by the Mexican military, who boarded our RV and searched every cupboard and closet while asking questions and asking to see our passports and paperwork. You have to get out of the car, and they look in the trunk and at all goods you have with you. They have huge sub-machine guns trained on you so you don’t argue. They search all vehicles, not just travelers.

They ask for all papers, which are required if you travel more than 70 miles from the border. You have to pay about $200 and have your birth certificate and/or passport to get visa papers to travel in Mexico. When crossing back to the U.S. border, you must have a passport and show proof of citizenship.

If you live in Mexico there, and if you are not a legal Mexican citizen, you are constantly stopped and asked for your papers by the police at any time, even without cause.

Yet, Mexican Pres. Calderon has the nerve to object to illegal immigrants from his country being stopped in the U.S, even once, or asked for identity or papers. Why is no one reporting this? Imagine the military here stopping everyone and boarding and inspecting all vehicles while guns are trained on us, and we have to produce papers and passports!


[Immigration Checkpoints In Mexico Not So Casual As In Obama's America]

No Direction Home (Politics As Usual)

The Political Delusion
EVERY TWO YEARS DURING THE NATIONAL electoral cycle they tell us we need change and it's they who want to take us off into that new direction. Details? Oh, here are a few talking points. Oh, here are a few criticisms of my opponent. Oh, we need change. Yep, we need a new direction.

My head is spinning. I am dizzy from wandering off into a new direction with every election, and just to keep this head buzz going, no matter how I try to cut through the kudzu of practical politics, it seems as if nothing has changed. The new direction is no different than the old direction.

And what about these red state, blue state tags? Not even that makes sense, although I realize that this designations came to us by accident of the media blitz in the 2000 election. But shouldn't the Democratic Party stripe be a red stripe, as in Communist red, signifying their penchant for tax and spend policies geared toward a national if not international wealth redistribution. That would leave boyish blue as the color signifier for the grand old party of the good old rich boy network. Just had a thought. Perhaps Republican red, as we now know it, is a reference to the willingness of the party to start bloody wars in Iraq. Now that's a army of change not everyone else in the voting population expected. Change can sneak up on you, like WMDs and Muslim jihadists on student visas...

Not long ago the Republicans were America-first statesmen which translated into a national isolationism, and an honest distance from global affairs, while letting the rest of the world take care of itself. And let's not forget how the eyes of many in the Democratic Party misted over in convoluted dreams of world revolution and the apotheosis of the worker worldwide, with a good portion of those despising the flag waving nationalism of the opposition.

Okay. So things haven't changed completely, but where is the party of Lincoln? Where is the fierce nationalism of FDR? We need a new direction alright. One that leads straight to home base. We need to steel ourselves in safety at home, protect our borders, get organized. As talk show radio clown Glenn Beck says, “Vote American.”

Because frankly, I happen to believe that Al Qaeda believes in change as well, and are hell-bent on demonstrating their beliefs one by one as outlined in their political platform, one that hasn't changed in over 1300 years. You can find those marching papers in the Qur'an.

No direction home. Politics as usual.